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About the Case Digest Connection

What is the Case Digest Connection?

CLE's Case Digest Connection service provides digests of cases decided by the British Columbia superior courts, selected Provincial Court decisions, and Supreme Court of Canada cases which originated in B.C., from January 1996 forward. The CDC archive provides a way to search or browse over all digests published since January 1996. You can also receive CDC issues weekly or monthly by email or in print.

What is a case digest?

A case digest is a summary of the court's reasons for judgment, and includes a caption describing the legal issues involved, a full description of the case, the names of counsel, judges, and expert witnesses, court information, and key case authorities considered in the judgment. Here's an example of a CDC case digest.

Does the CDC provide access to full text judgments?

Yes. From the digest of a case, you can link directly to the full text by clicking on the link "Click here for full text" in the left sidebar beside the digest, or on the linked case name below the digest. Links to full text judgments from the case digests take you to one of two court websites that archive judgments: the BC Superior Courts website or the Supreme Court of Canada website.

Why doesn't every CDC digest have a link to the full text?

For a small percentage of digests, there is no link to the full text of the case digested. This lack of a link is either because:

  1. the full text of the case is not available on the web - for example, B.C. Provincial Court cases are not available in full text on the web at the present time;
  2. or there is no full text for the case, either in print or web format - for example, applications for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada do not result in written reasons for the Court's decision to deny leave; there is accordingly no full text to link to in such a case.
*Please note:
There is no link to most Supreme Court family law cases in the CDC digests because those cases have not been available on the Supreme Court's website since September 1, 2002. The reason for the change in availability is protection of parties' privacy interests. Certain noteworthy cases are posted on the website, in which case the parties' initials are used to protect their privacy, and links to those cases are available on the CDC. However, the remaining family cases are available to the profession on-line through the British Columbia Courthouse Library Society website, at HERE. Electronic versions of family cases may also be obtained through CLE. Print versions of family cases may be obtained through CLE or the Court registry.

How often is the CDC updated?

The CDC archive is updated with new case digests every Monday.

New case digests are available through the CDC email service weekly or monthly depending on practice area.

Weekly Digest Editions
Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Family, and Personal Injury.

Monthly Digest Editions
Insurance, Labour & Employment, Municipal, Real Property, and Wills & Estates.

How do I subscribe to the CDC archive?

To start your CDC archive or email subscription, you can contact one of our Customer Service agents by phone at 893-2121 or, toll-free in Canada, 1-800-663-0437, or you can fill out our online order form here. The agent will process your subscription by the next business day, and you can then access the archive.

How do I get a username and password?

When you subscribe to either the CDC archive or email service, you will need to choose a username and password to access the service, and to advise a CLE Customer Service agent of your chosen practice areas. All members of your firm will be using the same username and password, so the password should be one that is relatively easy to remember yet unique enough that others outside the firm would not be able to guess what it is. On both the CDC archive login page and the email service login page, you can click the box to the right of "Remember my password" and the next time you access the archive, you will bypass the login page. Note that if you choose this option, a file called cookie.txt is automatically saved to your computer, so that the service recognizes your computer in future visits.

How do I cite a CDC digest?

CDC digests are cited by year, database abbreviation, CLE no., publisher and court. For example:

Smith v. Brown, [1998] C.D.C. 12345 (CLE) (B.C.C.A.)
where C.D.C. is the database abbreviation of Case Digest Connection; 12345 is the CLE No. (found at the end of the digest, after the case name and court information); CLE is the publisher; and B.C.C.A. is the court.

How do I get more help?

Your firm will have an in-house contact who was involved in setting up the subscription to the CDC service. Please ask this contact for help if you have questions that aren't answered by this help material. Your firm contact will be able to seek CLE's assistance if necessary.


We invite any comments or suggestions about the Case Digest Connection service. Please e-mail us at Continuing Legal Education.

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