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Drill down further into Municipal Law:
Actions by and against municipalities Licensing
Bylaws Litigation
Contracts Municipal councils
Development cost charges Powers of municipality
Financial management Subdivision
General Zoning
Land use planning

The following Webinar(s) are relevant to Municipal Law :

  Introduction to the Water Sustainability Act
Presenter(s): Lauren Cook
Olga Rivkin
Date: 27-Nov-2015
From the course: CLE-TV: Introduction to the Water Sustainability Act
Length: 60 minutes
  Municipal Law Update 2015
Presenter(s): Barry S. Williamson
Date: 28-May-2015
From the course: CLE-TV: Municipal Law Update 2015
Length: 61 minutes
  The Office of the Ombudsperson and Local Government in BC
Presenter(s): Kim E. Carter
Date: 17-Oct-2014
From the course: Local Government Law 2014
Length: 44 minutes
  The Regulation of Water Use in BC
Presenter(s): Jana McLean
Olga Rivkin
Date: 07-Jun-2017
From the course: CLE-TV: The Regulation of Water Use in BC
Length: 115 minutes
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