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Drill down further into Tax:
Aboriginal tax issues Lawyers and law firms
Anti-avoidance rules Offshore taxation
Appeals Partnership
Audits Pensions
Buying and selling a business Personal injury damages - see Personal injury - Tax issues and Personal injury - Structured settlements
Capital gains Practice
Charities and non-profit organizations Property transfer tax (see also Real Estate - Tax issues)
Collection practices and procedures Real property - See Real Estate - Assessment and Real Estate - Tax issues
Corporate Reorganizations
Family law tax issues Rollovers
Foreign income Sales tax
General Shares and shareholders
Goods and Services Tax Tax planning
Income tax Wills, estates and trusts tax issues
Intellectual property tax issues

The following Webinar(s) are relevant to Tax :

  2016 Federal Budget—Changes to the Small Business Deduction
Presenter(s): David Christian
David G. Thompson
Date: 20-Apr-2016
From the course: CLE-TV: 2016 Federal Budget—Changes to the Small Business Deduction
Length: 120 minutes
  Intellectual Property
Presenter(s): Amy Fong
David A. Allard
David J. Jennings
Date: 14-Apr-2015
From the course: CLE-TV: Business Basics III: Intellectual Property
Length: 62 minutes
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