Local Government Law 2012

Course Date: November 8, 2012

Welcome and Introduction

William A. Buholzer — Young, Anderson, Vancouver

Broad Local Government Powers: Has Anything Changed?

  • how the Community Charter delegates powers
  • does Dillon’s Rule still operate?
  • case law on the “broad powers” approach

William A. Buholzer — Young, Anderson, Vancouver

Local Government Elections and Campaign Financing

  • broad overview of election legislation
  • the role of election bylaws
  • other voting
  • recent election reforms and court decisions

Patricia J. Kendall — Young, Anderson, Vancouver

Ethical Issues For Local Elected Officials

  • conflict of interest in local government setting
  • breach of confidentiality: R v. Skakun
  • who is your client?—advising local governments, council, and board members

Olga Rivkin — Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

District Energy Systems: Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You?

  • how do district energy systems work?
  • how are they financed and delivered?
  • can owners be compelled to connect?

Michael J. Hargraves — Stewart McDannold Stuart, Victoria 

Networking Lunch (provided)

BC’s Auditor–General For Local Government

  • what’s in the new legislation?
  • how does it compare with provincial and federal A-G legislation and municipal A-G’s in other provinces?
  • what’s likely to change?

Lindsay A. Parcells — Lidstone & Company, Vancouver

Challenging Local Government Decisions: The Process, the Limitation Periods, the Standard of Review, and the Parties

  • choice of process: statutory, judicial review, or common law?
  • special limitation periods
  • the standard of review: does Catalyst Paper take us back to future?
  • who has standing?—special considerations for rate payer and interest groups

L. John Alexander — Cox Taylor, Victoria

Networking Break

Puppy Mills, Deer Culls, and Shark Fin Soup: Animal Regulations in a New Millennium

  • local government powers in relation to animals
  • is animal welfare legislation intra vires?
  • the SPCA Model Animal Control Bylaws: are they sound?

Melania Cannon — Young, Anderson, Vancouver

Local Government and Consultation With First Nations

  • statutory consultation obligations
  • ministerial and inspector approvals and the delegation of related consultation to local governments
  • honour of the Crown: are local governments directly implicated?

Gwendoline C. Allison — Foy Allison Law Group, West Vancouver

Rapid Fire Round Table

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