Social Media Law 2011

Course Date: February 17, 2011

Welcome and Introduction

James M. Bond, QC — McMillan LLP, Vancouver

Privacy Issues

  • Facebook
  • employment issues
  • regulation and enforcement

Tamara L. Hunter — Davis LLP, Vancouver

Drafting and Enforcing Social Media Policies

  • drafting tips
  • policies are only good if you follow them!
  • creating meaningful policies
  • red flags

James M. Bond, QC — McMillan LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Managing your Reputation and Legal Brand

  • firm’s reputation
  • personal reputation
  • searching, reacting, and rectifying information
  • marketing

Tony Wilson — Boughton Law Corporation, Vancouver

Intellectual Property Issues

  • information posted
  • information used
  • liability

Bianca L. Shierer — Dean Palmer IP Law Legal Services, Vancouver

Closing Questions and Comments

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