Residential Real Estate Conference 2010

Course Date: December 3, 2010

Welcome and Introduction


Mary-Jane Wilson — Greig, Wilson & Rasmussen LLP, Surrey






Pre-Sale Contracts:  Important Issues and Unresolved Questions


  • the impact of the REDMA on enforceability of pre-sale contracts
  • the importance of timely and accurate disclosure to purchasers
  • the importance of filing and delivering amendments
  • addressing strategies used by purchasers and developers




Andrew P. Morrison — Shields Harney, Vancouver
Andrew P. Prior — Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, Vancouver
The Honourable Mr. Justice Nathan H. Smith — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver



Covenants and Other Nature Conservation Tools


  • conservation covenants, a legal tool in BC
  • ecological gifts, legal and taxation benefits for landowners
  • BC case studies of covenants and gifts of land for nature
  • BC's 30 Land Trusts - land partners in BC communities




Sheila Harrington — Program Director, Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia, Victoria 
Bill Turner — Executive Director, Land Conservancy of British Columbia, Victoria




Property Transfer Tax Issues


  • new legislation
  • important dates
  • how the PTT applies to presales
  • tips and traps of the PTT




Randall E. Cobbett — Cobbett & Cotton Law Corporation, Burnaby
Renny Lubberts — Property Transfer Tax, Property Taxation Branch, Ministry of Finance, Victoria



Questions and Discussion

Lunch with Featured Speaker "BC's Prospects Amid a Shifting Economic Landscape"



Ken Peacock — Director Economic Research, Business Council of British Columbia, Vancouver



Avoiding Pitfalls in Challenging Times


  • downturns in the economy and lawyers’ increased vulnerability to malpractice claims
  • the “top ten” causes of reports to the Lawyers Insurance Fund when times are hard
  • steps that you can take to help avoid being reported




Margrett M. S. George — Lawyers Insurance Fund, The Law Society of British Columbia, Vancouver



Real Estate Information: Beyond the Land Title Office

  • introduction to law firm use of GIS - "Geographic Information Systems"
  • free and cheap land information
  • municipal GIS systems, "Landcor", and the BC "Online Cadastre"
  • use of Google - Maps, "Earth", "Street View" and other Internet data.

         Ronald R. Usher — Bell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries Public, Vancouver


HST Impact Update


  • new housing rebates
  • provincial sales tax (PST) transitional rebates
  • transitional tax adjustments
  • builder and resellers’ disclosure




David D. Robertson — Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Vancouver
Terry G. Barnett — Thorsteinssons LLP, Vancouver



Questions and Discussion