Solo and Small Firm Conference 2011

Course Date: March 11, 2011

Welcome and Introduction

David J. Bilinsky — Practice Management Advisor, Law Society of BC, Vancouver

Planning for Retirement

  • how to plan to retire
  • setting goals
  • creating a nest egg
  • divesting yourself of your practice
  • managing clients and client records
  • services of the Law Society of BC
  • managing the risk of death and disability

Robin W. Adolphe (ret.) — Adolphe & Company, Penticton
Graeme V.R. Keirstead — Manager, Special Fund and Custodianships, Law Society of BC, Vancouver

Networking Break

Valuation, Earn-outs, and Buy-outs of a Law Practice: Structuring the Deal

  • how to value your practice
  • advantages and disadvantages of earn-outs and buy-outs
  • ways to transfer over a practice
  • legal and financial issues involved in a transfer

Nisson M. Goldman — Goldman Zimmer Bray, Vancouver
Andrew F. Schroeder, CA — Schroeder and Associates, Chartered Accountants, Vancouver

Networking Break

Tax and Accounting Issues in Succession Planning

  • what are the issues in selling, closing, or transferring a law practice?
  • tax planning for an untimely death
  • tax planning for transfers to family beneficiaries
  • steps that you should be taking now
  • tax and accounting issues arising on retirement

David G. Thompson — Thorsteinssons LLP, Vancouver

Lunch with Featured Speaker: CBIA’s Role in Financial Planning

  • CBIA’s available products
  • selecting the most effective insurance
  • example of an insurance funded succession plan
  • the role of investment in a succession plan

Brook D. Kearns, BA, CFP — Mass and Company Financial Planning Inc., Richmond 

Recent Developments in Law Firm Management: How to Think Big

  • moving from the beneficial despot model to professional administration
  • benefits of bringing in an office administrator
  • tasks to delegate to an office administrator and staff
  • financial, management, organizational, and personal issues around introducing professional management into a smaller firm

Colleen Chapman — Administrator, Brawn Karras & Sanderson, Surrey
Kim A. Karras — Brawn Karras & Sanderson, Surrey
John Smiley, FCA — Wolrige Mahon LLP, Chartered Accountants, Vancouver
J. Robert Waterman — Director of Administration, Richards Buell Sutton LLP,  Vancouver

Networking Break

Recent Developments in Law Office Technology and Marketing

  • the latest tips, issues, and ideas in technology for marketing
  • social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • to blog or not to blog
  • the latest and greatest in law office management

David J. Bilinsky — Practice Management Advisor, Law Society of BC, Vancouver
Doug Jasinski — Agency Principal, Skunkworks Creative Group Inc., Vancouver

Networking Break

Overview of Small Firm Trips, Traps, and Scams

  • avoiding frauds, scams, and traps
  • protecting yourself from malpractice claims

Felicia Ciolfitto — Trust Assurance Department, Law Society of BC, Vancouver
Margrett M.S. George — Lawyers Insurance Fund, Law Society of BC, Vancouver

Closing Remarks

David J. Bilinsky — Practice Management Advisor, Law Society of BC, Vancouver