Municipal Law Update 2011

Course Date: March 3, 2011

Welcome and Introduction

William A. Buholzer — Young Anderson, Vancouver

Wading Into Federal Waters: Local Governments and the Division of Powers

  • regulating navigable waters: understanding paramountcy
  • aeronautics and land use: understanding interjurisdictional immunity
  • sex, drugs, and cell phone towers: what’s the test?

Francesca V. Marzari — Young Anderson, Vancouver

Networking Break

The Open Meeting Rule

  • what is the definition of “meeting”?
  • what are the exceptions?
  • what are the implications of failure to comply with an open meeting?

Kathleen T. Higgins — Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver

Trade Agreements and Local Government Procurement

  • how do interprovincial trade agreements affect local government procurement practices?
  • can local governments give preference to local suppliers?
  • do local governments have complete autonomy in procurement practices?
  • how do recent developments in tendering law affect local governments?

William A. Buholzer — Young Anderson, Vancouver
Gregg H. Cockrill — Young Anderson, Vancouver

Lunch (on your own) and Optional Session

The Charter of Rights and Municipal Public Places

  • does the Charter create a constitutional right to occupy and use public property for exclusive benefit of an individual or organization?
  • Victoria (City) v. Adam
  • Vancouver (City) v. Zhang
  • R. v. Breeden

Tomasz M. Zworski — City Solicitor, City of Victoria, Victoria

Networking Break

Municipalities and the Treaty Process

  • what are the key elements of the ratified treaties and related agreements as they affect local governments?
  • treaty implementation—how can local governments participate?

Frances M. Statham, QC (Man.) — Legal Services Branch, Aboriginal Law Group, Ministry of Attorney General, Vancouver
Geraldine J. Hutchings — Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General, Victoria

Recent Developments in Bylaw Enforcement

  • alternatives for local regulations—the bylaw forum
  • search powers—Arkinstall, Bichel, and the warrant process
  • remedial action orders—self-help remedies in court

Grant J. Murray — Legal Services Department, City of Vancouver, Vancouver