Insurance Law Conference 2011

Course Date: September 28, 2011


How Does the Insurance Industry Function?

  • the nature and types of insurance product
  • the players: brokers, underwriters, reinsurers
  • the markets: domestic and international
  • statutory regulation and best practices in reserving claims

Mark Woodall, AIIC, CRM — Sports-Can Insurance Consultants Ltd., Langley             

The Art and Science of Interpreting a Policy of Insurance

  • where do you start?—systematic reading of a policy and the logic behind a policy
  • what are the key principles?
  • how is an insurance contract different than any other contract?
  • standard form policies compared to manuscript policies
  • exclusions/exceptions to exclusions
  • shifting burdens of proof                        

Nigel P. Kent — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break                         

The Insuring Agreement—Establishing Coverage under the Basic Agreement

Under the guidance of the panel chair, explore the ins and out of establishing coverage under the basic agreement. A series of presenters will discuss the many facets of the grant of coverage.

  • property policies and liability policies: the similarities and the differences
  • key determinations to be made for coverage in the first instance
  • the necessity of fortuity/accident
  • what is “property damage”?
  • what is an "occurrence"?
  • who is an insured? who is an unnamed insured?

Chair:  Dean P.J. Lawton — Carfra & Lawton, Victoria
Giles P.G. Deshon — Carfra & Lawton, Victoria
Michael G. Thomas — Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver
Karen L. Weslowski — Miller Thomson LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

The Insuring Agreement—The Exclusions and the Exceptions

Once the coverage is granted it can be taken away. This session is a concise exploration of common exclusions and their interpretation in liability and property policies.

  • your product/your work
  • breach of warranty/misrepresentation
  • faulty workmanship, materials, or design, and resultant damage
  • product recall
  • assumed liability
  • riot and insurrection
  • assumed liability
  • intentional acts

Chair: Greg J. Tucker — Owen Bird Law Corporation, Vancouver
Oliver Hanson — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Alexandre T. Maltas — Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation, Vancouver
Krista L. Prockiw — Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

The Issues of Constant Growth and Sorrow

  • duty to defend 
  • causation
  • subrogation—rights and obligations

Chair: Richard B. Lindsay, QC — Lindsay Kenney LLP, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks