Torts 2013

Course Date: May 23, 2013

7:45 am – 8:45 am Optional Ethics Session: "Smart Phone Security and Mobile Device Forensics"

Host: Grace G. Choi — Davis LLP, Vancouver
Guest: Nigel Holmes, EnCE, ACE — Director, Forensic and Security Operations, TCS Forensics Ltd., Vancouver


Professor Joost Blom, QC — Faculty of Law at Allard Hall, University of BC, Vancouver

Suing Negligent Public Regulators: Recent Developments

  • making it more difficult—R. v. Imperial Tobacco
  • a glimmer of hope?—Taylor v. Canada

Professor Lewis Klar, QC — Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, Edmonton

“Five Easy Pieces”: Fundamentals of Factual Causation

  • evidence requirements—the standard of proof
  • how and when to use "but for"
  • how and when to use material contribution
  • what if neither applies?
  • what is next?

David Cheifetz — Barrister & Solicitor, Vancouver

Networking Break

Economic Torts

  • inducing breach of contract
  • unlawful interference with contractual relations
  • civil conspiracy

Craig A.B. Ferris — Lawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver

The Tort of Negligent Investigation since "Hill v. Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police Services Board" (SCC)

  • does the law relating to police investigations extend to investigations by regulatory agencies?
  • will the tort of negligent investigation help right wrongful convictions?
  • tips on constructing a standard of care case in a negligent investigation action

Howard A. Mickelson, QC — Gudmundseth Mickelson LLP, Vancouver

Civil Actions for Breach of Privacy in BC and Elsewhere

  • the statutory tort under BC's Privacy Act
  • the common law action identified by the Ontario Court of Appeal in Jones v. Tsige
  • the developing English tort
  • is an expansion of BC's statutory tort likely?

Geoffrey B. Gomery, QC — Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP, Vancouver

Lunch (on your own)

Missing Women Commission of Inquiry: Potential Issues in Tort

  • why tort law?; the function/purpose of the tort response in this context
  • negligence (public authority liability)
  • misfeasance in a public office

Professor Margaret Isabel Hall — Faculty of Law, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops

Fiduciary Duties and Public Authorities Two Years after "Alberta v. Elder Advocates": Where Are We Now?

  • what effect did Alberta v. Elder Advocates have on fiduciary duty law?
  • has Alberta v. Elder Advocates "chilled" the recognition of fiduciary duties on the part of public or statutory authorities?
  • what should practitioners consider when advancing or resisting a fiduciary duty claim involving a public authority?

Brent R.H. Johnston — Hunter Litigation Chambers , Vancouver

Contribution and Indemnity

  • overview of statutory and common law principles
  • import of Strata Plan LMS 1751 v. Scott Management Ltd, and potential impact of the new Limitation Act 
  • analyzing third party exposure for contribution

James C. MacInnis — Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

The Place of the Tort in Electronic Communications

  • applicable common law and legislative framework (BC/Canada)
  • recent cases
  • practice considerations

Elizabeth (Betsy) Segal — Singleton Urquhart LLP, Vancouver

Contracting Out of Tort Liability

  • the ostensible death of “fundamental breach” in the SCC’s 2008 Tercon decision
  • grounds on which a waiver or limitation clause may be ineffective even if, on its face, it covers the liability
  • excluding or limiting liability for personal injury or negligent misstatement

Professor Joost Blom, QC — Faculty of Law at Allard Hall, University of BC, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks

Professor Joost Blom, QC — Faculty of Law at Allard Hall, University of BC, Vancouver


May 23, 2013