Public-Private Partnerships

Course Date: March 23, 2006

Welcome and Introduction
Jan L. Lindsay, QC — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver
James D. Vilvang, QC — Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver
Case Law Update
Karen E. Jamieson — Murray Jamieson, Vancouver
Alison L. Murray, QC — Murray Jamieson, Vancouver
Cost of Care Update
  • necessary and admissible evidence for establishing a future care award
  • reducing awards where plaintiff is unlikely to use funds for the purpose awarded
  • quantifying housing-related future care costs
  • distinguishing future cost of care awards from loss of homemaking capacity
  • deductions for government-funded expenses and other contingencies
  • in-trust awards
  • tax gross-up, management fees, and the discount rate
Guy P. Brown, QC — Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver
Networking Break

  • equitable and contractual subrogation by LTD insurers
  • insurance versus tort: double recovery and loss avoidance
  • settlement issues
Vincent R.K. Orchard, QC — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Health Care Cost Recovery Act

  • essentials of the Act
  • update on the operation of the Act
  • practice tips
Peter R. Lawless — Ministry of Justice, Victoria
Networking Lunch

Divisible vs. Indivisible Injuries
  • how should plaintiff’s counsel approach the issue
  • how should defence counsel approach the issue
  • the significance of pre-existing non-tortious conditions
  • keeping proof of causation separate from proof of damages
  • the effects of contributory negligence
  • are defendants being held liable for harm they did not cause?
Steven H. Heringa — Paine Edmonds LLP, Vancouver
J. Derek James — Quiinlan Abrioux, Vancouver
Insurance Priorities for Rental and Co-op Vehicles
  • the interplay between legislation and contract
  • who can be an “owner”
  • overview of  “drives with consent”
  • priorities between owner and driver
  • the law of consent
Iain C. Hallam — McAlister Hallam, Vancouver
The Use of Trusts to Preserve and Protect Settlement Funds
  • effective management of funds
  • protecting disability benefits
  • optimizing tax strategies
Genevieve N. Taylor — Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver 
Networking Break
Top Mistakes Plaintiff’s Counsel Can Make (And How to Avoid Them)
  • case selection
  • file and client management
  • client relations
  • experts: selection, timing, and preparation
  • witnesses: preparation
  • trial preparation
  • trial evidence and tactics
R. Brian Webster, QC — Webster & Associates, Richmond
Concluding Remarks
Jan L. Lindsay, QC — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver
James D. Vilvang, QC — Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver