Litigator's Arsenal 2013

Course Date: September 26, 2013

Welcome and Introduction

David A. Crerar — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Judicial Panel

  • best practices: a view from the bench
  • the most common mistakes seen in court
  • how to be more effective as counsel

The Honourable Mr. Justice Murray B. Blok — Supreme Court of BC, New Westminster
The Honourable Madam Justice Lauri Ann Fenlon — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver 
Master Heather M. McNaughton — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Panel of Learned Litigators

  • what experienced counsel know and apply
  • professionalism
  • managing the client and managing the file

D. Geoffrey Cowper, QC — Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Vancouver
Gerald W.J. Ghikas, QC — Vancouver Arbitration Chambers, Vancouver
George K. Macintosh, QC — Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver
Stephen R. Schachter, QC — Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Conceptualizing the Case for Presentation at Trial

  • the role of the theory of the case
  • discovery and trial preparation
  • strategy and tactics and the course of trial  

Irwin G. Nathanson, QC — Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP, Vancouver

Strategies for Responding to Unrepresented Litigants

  • risks
  • strategic use of applications to strike
  • ethical issues

Howard A. Mickelson, QC — Gudmundseth Mickelson LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch 

Mareva Freezing Orders: What’s Hot and an Admonition to Cool it Down

  • latest developments in the law of freezing orders
  • ethical issues
  • risks and pitfalls

David A. Crerar — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Can You Still Sue?: BC’s New Limitation Act

  • new default limitation periods
  • contribution and indemnity
  • transition provisions
  • strategic considerations
  • any case law?

Ludmila B. Herbst — Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

Litigator’s Heresy: Why Settlement is a Worthy Goal

  • what factors drive settlement
  • how to talk your client to the table
  • how to bring opposing counsel (or their client) on board
  • how to use tactical litigation to spur on settlement
  • what types of cases are not (or at least less) amenable to settlement
  • what types of parties are not (or at least less) amenable to settlement

Roy W. Millen — Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Developments in the Law of Privilege

  • solicitor-client privilege: how to protect it; new ways to lose it
  • litigation privilege: what does it protect now?
  • settlement privilege: the implications of Sable Offshore Energy Inc. v. Ameron International Corp., 2013 SCC 37
  • novel privilege issues: litigation funding agreements

Robert J.C. Deane — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver                            

The Ridiculous and the Sublime: Recent Trends in Employment Litigation that Every Litigator Needs to Know

  • damages—from moral to punitive
  • employment litigation miscellany—from contracts to conduct and all points in-between 

James D. Kondopulos — Roper Greyell LLP, Vancouver
Gavin A. Marshall — Roper Greyell LLP, Vancouver

Preliminary Motions for Final Judgment

  • striking pleadings from Hunt v. Carey to Imperial Tobacco
  • summary judgment: a rule revitalized—Rule 9-6 and Canada v. Lameman

Ryan D.W. Dalziel — Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks

David A. Crerar — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver