Estate Planning Update 2014

Course Date: October 22, 2014

Total: 43min

Welcome and Introduction

Elaine E. Reynolds, QC — Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver

Case Law and Legislative Update

  • legislative update on WESA, the FLA, the Uniform Trustee Act, and the taxation of a testamentary trust
  • review of selected recent cases on testamentary planning using powers of attorney, joint accounts, and the impact of estate freezes on the division of family property

Alison Oxtoby — Entrust Law Group, Kelowna

Disability Planning and New Developments

  • revisiting the "new" enduring powers of attorney ... three years later
  • the future of trusts as capacity planning tools
  • health: representation agreements, advance directives and new limits from the Bentley case
  • what's coming for adult guardianship laws as of December 1, 2014?

Geoffrey W. White — Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation, Kelowna

Networking Break

Why would FATCA Have Anything to do with BC Estate Planning?

  • coming to the attention of the IRS and what that means for your heirs
  • foreign reporting for US citizens
  • renouncing  US citizenship

Benita Loughlin — KPMG LLP, Vancouver
Cheyenne J.H. Reese — Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver

Trusts and the New Family Law

  • what the provisions might mean
  • what they do mean for estate and asset protection planning

Genevieve N. Taylor — Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver

Networking Lunch 

Retainer Letters and Retainers in Estate Planning

  • addressing future conflicts
  • law society requirements
  • signed versus unsigned retainer letters

Elaine E. Reynolds, QC — Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver

The Will: A Valuable Estate Planning Tool

  • gathering the right preliminary client information
  • what are the formalities
  • avoiding traps
  • choosing the executor
  • guardianship issues
  • testamentary trusts—still worth it?

Emma A. McArthur — Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver and Victoria

Multiple Wills: A Probate Planning Technique

  • what are multiple wills and how do they work
  • practical problems that can arise
  • other techniques to reduce probate fees
  • Pecore planning

Laura West — Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

A Trust's Three Tax Challenges that Every Estate Planner Should Understand

  • the attribution rules
  • the 21 year rule
  • taxation of trust distributions

Richard Weiland — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver

Using Life Insurance in Estate Planning

  • important tax attributes of life insurance
  • estate planning applications and strategies
  • overview of recent tax changes and proposals to the taxation of life insurance

Chris Ireland, CPA, CA — PPI Advisory, Burnaby