Insurance Law Conference 2014

Course Date: September 19, 2014

Welcome and Introduction

Richard B. Lindsay, QC — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver

“Wilful Misconduct” as a Bar to Recovery under an Insurance Contract

  • what do you need to prove?
  • how do you prove it?
  • Peracomo et al v. TELUS Communications Co. et al

Andrew Stainer — Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver  

Underinsured Motorist Protection Insurance

  • who is entitled to it?
  • what law applies
  • how much of the tort judgment will it pay
  • what you need to know when settling the tort claim

Jason McDaniel — Corporate Law Department, ICBC, North Vancouver  

Networking Break

Cyber Liability Insurance—Part I

  • potential coverage under existing policies
  • potential different areas of exposure

Adam Howden-Duke — Guild Yule LLP, Vancouver

Cyber Liability Insurance—Part II

  • recent litigation relevant to coverage
  • prevalence and terms of policies that are out there

Bryan McLean — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Enforcing Limitation of Liability Clauses in Tort

  • the elements of effective waivers and releases
  • the test for enforceability
  • recent developments in the law
  • Niedermeyer v. Charlton 2014 BCCA 165 ( leave to appeal to SCC granted)

Robert C. Brun, QC — Harris & Brun, Vancouver

Counsel Waiving Privilege: A Cautionary Tale

  • dangers of security for costs applications
  • preventing inadvertent waiver
  • recent legal developments
  • material for counsel affidavits

Vanessa C. Gauthier — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Not My Fault—Current Issues in the Faulty Design and Workmanship Exclusion

  • current case law concerning the scope, interpretation, and application of the exclusion, including the “state of the art” standard, the “cost of making good”, and the definitions of “design” and “workmanship”
  • the scope of the resultant damage exception
  • alternate wordings and likely future directions in interpretation

Greg J. Tucker — Owen Bird Law Corporation, Vancouver  

Concluding Remarks

Richard B. Lindsay, QC — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver