Litigator's Arsenal 2015

Course Date: October 23, 2015

Welcome and Introduction

Panel of Learned Litigators

  • Q&A: treasures of civil litigation strategic advice and chambers war stories

Brian G. Baynham, QCHarper Grey LLP, Vancouver
James M. Lepp, QC Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver
Robert J. McDonellFarris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

Litigation in the Facebook Age: Creative Discovery Through Cutting-Edge Internet Research on Parties and Witnesses

  • social media sites as a practical discovery tool 
  • potential ethical implications of evidence gathering on the Internet 
  • practice points on effective use of Internet research in litigation

Claire E. HunterHunter Litigation Chambers, Vancouver

Networking Break

Strategic Use of Prejudgment Remedies to Advance your Case

  • receiverships (receivers of rents, receivers in shareholder disputes or estate litigation) 
  • certificates of pending litigation and caveats against land 
  • equitable charging orders against land and personal property 
  • sale of land and personal property prior to judgment

William L. RobertsLawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver

Point of Law Applications: Pointless or Entirely Pointy?

  • what's the application? 
  • what's the law? 
  • what's the point?

Gib van ErtExecutive Legal Officer, Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa

Class Actions Myths and Monsters

  • current issues relating to takeup rates and cy-pres settlements 
  • what is on the mind of plaintiff's counsel and why? 
  • what should be on the minds of defendants and defence counsel

Reidar M. MogermanCamp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Designing Your Sandbox (or, Planning Your Theory of the Case Using the Methods of William Berardino, QC)

  • an adaptable system to outline your theory of the case 
  • how to make the facts and the law work for you 
  • do it early—before any substantive step in the litigation and especially before discovery 
  • the system will carry you through all steps in litigation including discovery, trial, applications, and appeals

Andi N. MackayWinteringham Mackay Law Corporation, Vancouver

Modern Mareva Practice and the Rule in Lister v. Stubbs

  • the  new model Mareva Practice Direction 
  • cutting-edge developments in Mareva law
  • strategic points and pitfalls

Robbie FlemingRobert Fleming Lawyers, Vancouver

Perjury in Civil Litigation

  • potential perjury prosecutions flowing from civil litigation 
  • the test for perjury 
  • the high bar for a perjury finding

Eric V. GottardiPeck and Company, Vancouver

Networking Break

How to Select the Appropriate Forum(s) for your Dispute

  • what remedy are you seeking? 
  • what jurisdiction does the forum have? 
  • what are the pros and cons of each forum? 
  • when should you use multiple forums?

Teresa TomchakFarris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

Judicial Panel

  • Q&A: insights from behind the bench on best practices in civil litigation and chambers advocacy

The Honourable Mr. Justice Ronald SkolroodSupreme Court of BC, Vancouver
Master Sandra J. HarperSupreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks

David A. CrerarBorden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver