Medical Legal Conference 2016

Course Date: October 21, 2016


Dr. Garry FeinstadtPhysician and Surgeon, Vancouver
Paul T. McGivernPacific Medical Law, Vancouver

Cognitive Errors and Decision Failure

  • assumptions leading to traps
  • reasoning errors and bias in diagnosis
  • the dangers of tunnel vision
  • Hubris Nemesis
  • meeting the challenge of decision-making under pressure

Dr. Pat CroskerryDirector, Critical Thinking Program, Dalhousie University, Halifax

Rural Medical Practice and Risk Management

  • resources and issues
  • consultation with the outside
  • transportation-of-patient issues

Dr. John SolesPhysician and Surgeon, Clearwater

Networking Break

Opioids: How Much Is Too Much?

  • the new college prescribing standards – what has changed?
  • what is the difference between a professional standard of practice and a legal standard of care?
  • what role do guidelines, standards, and other authoritative publications play in determining the legal standard of care in civil claims?
  • what duty is owed by a physician to a patient with severe chronic pain?
  • are the new college standards determinative in college disciplinary proceedings?

Guy P. Brown, QCHarper Grey LLP, Vancouver
Dr. Galt Wilson BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, Vancouver

Medical Experts and Medical Reports

  • finding the expert
  • asking the right questions
  • retaining the expert
  • instructions for the expert report
  • how the expert can assist the court

Dr. Spiro PolyhronopoulosTrauma Treatment Clinic, Vancouver
Michael G. Thomas — Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Medical Assistance in Dying

  • cross-Canada update
  • challenges to the legislation
  • where do we go from here?

Dr. Harsh HundalInterior Health, Kelowna
Kimberly J. JakemanHarper Grey LLP, Vancouver

Causation: Medical and Legal

  • what lawyers need to know about medical causation
  • what doctors need to know about legal causation

Paul T. McGivernPacific Medical Law, Vancouver

Networking Break

Medical Legal Matters in Litigation

The Honourable Madam Justice Neena SharmaSupreme Court of BC, Vancouver
D. Todd BrownMaryn & Associates, Port Moody
Jennifer J.L. BrunHarris & Brun, Vancouver
Dr. Garry FeinstadtPhysician and Surgeon, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks

Dr. Garry Feinstadt Physician and Surgeon, Vancouver
Paul T. McGivern — Pacific Medical Law, Vancouver