Securities Law Update for LSS

Course Date: December 3, 2002

Welcome and Introduction

Linda A. Wong — Pacific Medical Law, Vancouver

The Family Physician

  • what the family physician can and can’t do for you
  • what you need to know about a patient’s chart
  • the family physician as an expert witness   

Dr. Garry Feinstadt — Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Orthopaedic Assessments

  • the ABCs of orthopaedic testing
  • dfferential diagnosis
  • live demonstration of orthopaedic testing

Dr. Donna Smith — Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Faculty of Medicine,  University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Networking Break

Neurological Assessments

  • the ABCs of neurological testing
  • differential diagnosis
  • live demonstration of neurological testing

Dr. Rehan Dost — Consultant in Neurology, Medisys, Vancouver

Lunch (on your own)
Medical Experts

  • selecting and retaining experts
  • admissibility of an expert’s opinion
  • preparing your expert for trial
  • the new Rules and medical experts

Rose A. Keith — Barrister and Solicitor, Vancouver

Psychological Injuries

  • psychiatric assessments
  • DSM-IV
  • psychiatric diagnoses
  • common psychiatric conditions in civil cases

Dr. Roy O’Shaughnessy — Psychiatrist, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver 

Networking Break

Physiatry and the Process of Rehabilitation: Everything you Need to Know

  • what is a physiatrist?
  • how can a physiatrist help you and your client?
  • the rehabilitation team: composition, process, and outcomes
  • rehabilitation and physiatry

Dr. Hugh Anton — Clinical Professor, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Medical Evidence at Trial: The View from the Bench

  • presenting medical evidence
  • calling medical experts
  • making it all understandable

The Honourable Madam Justice Carol-Jean M. Ross — Supreme Court of British Columbia, Vancouver
Linda A. Wong — Pacific Medical Law, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks

Linda A. Wong — Pacific Medical Law, Vancouver