China Business Law

Course Date: May 4, 2005

7:45 am – 8:45 am: Optional Ethics Session: “Understating Undertakings” 

The Context of Drafting

  • characteristics of excellent drafting
  • legal context of contract drafting
  • essential parts of a contract
  • required, essential, and optional provisions
  • strategies for drafting common substantive provisions
  • implications of typical boilerplate provisions    

Networking Break


  • identifying the audience
  • gathering data
  • organizing information within the contract    

Lunch (on your own)

Drafting Techniques and Strategies

  • using defined terms
  • structuring sentences that enhance readability
  • avoiding ambiguous phrasing traps
  • using correct language to create the intended legal consequence
  • allocating risk
  • starting from a winning position

Networking Break

Perfecting the Work Product

  • alternative dispute resolution considerations
  • gender-free drafting
  • numbering conventions
  • appearance
  • how to review a contract prepared by opposing counsel
  • amendments