Restructuring Justice

Course Date: June 9, 2005

Styles: If You Don’t Control Them, They Will Control You

  • styles—what they do and why it is critical that you understand how to use them
  • learn how to
    • set up and control automatic paragraph numbering
    • generate an automatic table of contents
    • create paragraph cross-references that automatically update themselves if paragraphs are added or deleted
    • turn page numbering on and off; and start it over anywhere in the document
    • eliminate random front changes while editing
    • copy text from one document to another with perfect formatting
    • de-construct and fix documents which are a complete mess
    • convert WordPerfect files to Word
    • create custom formatting tools you can use in every document

Using Templates to Streamline Your Document Generation

  • create model documents with fill-in fields
  • how to create “public” templates and share them with others on your network
  • leave with sample Word templates to use in your practice

Macros: Automate Your Word Processing

  • macros—what they are and when to use them
  • other automation tools in Word—AutoText, AutoCorrect, and Quick Parts
  • creating and sharing macros
  • assign macros to toolbar buttons and/or speed-keys