Cross-Examination 2018

Course Date: October 19, 2018

Total: 5h 24min

Welcome and Introduction

Karey Brooks JFK Law Corporation, Vancouver
Art Vertlieb, QCVertlieb & Co., Vancouver

Cross-Examination in Context

  • the threshold question
  • strategy and tactics flow from your theory of the case

Art Vertlieb, QCVertlieb & Co., Vancouver

Cross-Examination and the Art of Advocacy

James S. Rogers — Law Offices of James S. Rogers, Seattle, WA, USA

Be Prepared

  • the success of a cross-examination depends on the work before court

The Honourable Mr. Justice Sukhdev DleySupreme Court of BC, Kamloops


Ethics, Professionalism, and Vexing Issues

  • professional responsibility and ethics
  • the parameters of cross-examination
  • the grey area and best practices

The Honourable Peter D. Leask, QC — Barrister and Solicitor, Vancouver

Impeaching the Lying Witness

  • the forms of impeachment
  • tactical considerations
  • the proper process for impeachment
  • special problems

Kevin B. WestellPender Litigation, Vancouver

Challenging Reliability

  • most witnesses are not outright liars
  • highlight lots of small problems = an unreliable witness

The Honourable Mr. Justice George K. MacintoshSupreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Featured Lunch Speaker: Knowing Your Audience: Cops, Casinos, Courts, and Counsel

Peter M. German, QC, PhD — Peter German & Associates Inc., Delta

Expert Evidence and Challenging Underlying Assumptions

  • formulating a plan
  • the process for undercutting the expert opinion

Karey Brooks JFK Law Corporation, Vancouver

Cross-Examination on Authoritative Texts

  • reviewing the literature and developing a strategy
  • lay the groundwork using a step by step approach
  • using the expert’s discipline against the expert’s opinion

Anthony A. Vecchio, QCSlater Vecchio LLP, Vancouver


The Family Law Litigant and Lessons for All Litigators

  • in family law—character is the central issue
  • lessons for handling all types of witnesses in cross-examination

Suzette NarbonneNarbonne Law Office, Sechelt

Cross-Examination: Mistakes to Avoid

The Honourable Mr. Justice Nathan SmithSupreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Closing Remarks

Karey BrooksJFK Law Corporation, Vancouver
Art Vertlieb, QCVertlieb & Co., Vancouver