Interplay Between Aging, Death & Divorce 2021

Course Date: October 21, 2021

Full Course Materials
Total: 5h 21min
Total Ethics: 1h

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:10)

J. Jeffrey LockeMcLellan Herbert, Vancouver
Jasmeet K. WahidKahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP, Richmond

Intersection Between WESA and FLA (9:10 – 9:40)

  • overview of the legislation
  • tips for working together
  • wills variation claims
  • interplay of property/debt division claims and estate claims
  • estate issues for family law agreements

Emma J. FergusonAlexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver

BREAK (9:40 – 9:55)

Capacity Issues in FLA/Divorce Proceedings (9:55 – 10:55)

  • assessing capacity
  • who is your client
  • suspicious circumstances/undue influence
  • what if a party becomes incapacitated
  • Representation Agreement, Power of Attorney, Committeeship
  • committee of estate/person and standing on separation and divorce
  • what if a party dies
    • PGT or private committee
    • litigation guardian—litigation representative

Deidre J. Herbert — McLellan Herbert, Vancouver
Georgia TsonisPublic Guardian and Trustee of BC, Vancouver

BREAK (10:55 – 11:10)

Definition of Spouse Under WESA and FLA (11:10 – 12:10)

  • who is a spouse
  • support claims and the estate 
  • common law spouse
  • recent case law regarding spouses
  • practical considerations for starting/continuing a family law claim after a spouse dies
  • polyamorous relationships

Amy A. Mortimore — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Zara SulemanSuleman Family Law, North Vancouver

LUNCH (12:10 – 12:50)

How Trusts are Used to Deal with Aging, Death & Divorce (12:50 – 1:50)

  • using trusts in estate planning
  • choosing between inter vivos trusts and testamentary trusts
  • the intersection of the FLA and trust interests

Fiona HunterHorne Coupar LLP, Victoria
Emma NearyHorne Coupar LLP, Victoria

BREAK (1:50 – 2:05)

Reproductive Material: The Legal Frontier (2:05 – 2:35)

  • retrieval, storage, and use of reproductive material, including posthumously
  • statutory provisions, including consent, under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act
  • evolving common law: case studies
  • practice tips for the family and estate lawyer

Jasmeet K. WahidKahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP, Richmond

BREAK (2:35 – 2:50)

Securing Income for Old Age: Pensions, Pension Division, and Annuities (2:50 – 3:55)

  • pensions under the FLA
  • advice on issues involving older clients

Colin GalinskiGalinski Pension and Benefits Law Corporation, Vancouver

Closing Remarks (3:55 – 4:00)

J. Jeffrey LockeMcLellan Herbert, Vancouver
Jasmeet K. WahidKahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP, Richmond