Dispute Resolution Conference: "And Now for Something Completely Different..." 2014

Course Date: May 26, 2014

Total: 6h 5min

Welcome and Introduction

  • Speed Learning Round: 3 minute introductory presentations for the day
  • sociodrama large group activity 

Colleen Cattell, QC — Fitzpatrick & Company, West Vancouver
Avril Orloff — Graphic R
ecorder, Outside the Lines, Vancouver
Professor Sharon B. Sutherland — Faculty of Law at Allard Hall, University of BC, Vancouver


Session A: Ethical and Practical Issues in Med/Arb

  • recent trends in med/arb
  • recent cases
  • ethical issues—including caucus and confidential information

Carol W. Hickman, QC — Quay Law Centre, New Westminster

Session B: Collaboration in Competitive Culture

  • how do we learn the skills to collaborate?
  • making competitive norms explicit: examining childhood influences
  • team-based learning (TBL) versus “team projects”

Kyra L. Hudson — Vancouver
Jim Sibley — Director, Centre for Instructional Support, University of BC, Vancouver

Session C: Self-Represented Litigants and ADR—Panel Discussion (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

  • Julie Macfarlane’s groundbreaking National SRL Study (2013)
  • how does ADR fit into the Access to Justice discussion?
  • SRL’s in the mediation process

Facilitator: Colleen Cattell, QC — Fitzpatrick & Company, West Vancouver
Melina Buckley, PhD — Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman, Vancouver
Jennifer Muller

Networking Break

Conflict Management Coaching: Helping Our Clients Find Their Way Through Conflict

In this dynamic interview-style keynote, Cinnie Noble will share some things she has learned as a lawyer, certified coach, and mediator that eases the journey for people in conflict and those of us who work with them. She will discuss subjects such as:

  • what clients don't always like to share with us
  • the brain drain of conflict
  • whose life is it, anyway?

Cinnie Noble — Cinergy Coaching, Toronto


“The tribe has spoken”: Lessons in Conflict Resolution from Reality TV

  • skilled negotiators and mediators on television
  • learning from the “bad examples”
  • cultural awareness and the impacts of reality television

Professor Sharon B. Sutherland — Faculty of Law at Allard Hall, University of BC, Vancouver

New and Hot “Must Reads” for Dispute Resolution Practitioners: Panel Discussion


Session A: Conflict Coaching Workshop

The genesis of conflict management coaching (also known as conflict coaching)

  • where this process fits within the dispute resolution field
  • an overview of the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching
  • principles that form the foundation of this method

Cinnie Noble — Cinergy Coaching, Toronto

Session B: BC’s “Generations” of Mediators (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

This session will explore the findings of a recent survey of BC mediators which raises fascinating questions, including:

  • can we define cohorts, or “generations”, of mediation practitioners and compare them in terms of early motivations, practice areas, and mediation activity?
  • how could possible differences align with the major developments in BC’s mediation history?
  • what can this information tell us about where the practice of mediation is heading in BC?

Kari D. Boyle — Mediate BC Society, Vancouver
Shawn Johnston — Health Employers Association of BC
Sterling J. Nelson — Vancouver
Paul Taberner — Vernon

Session C: Empowered and Embodied Leadership

Neuroscience has shown us that intelligence lies not just in the brain—intellectual approaches address only 1/3 of our brains. This session will explore how your three centres of intelligence guide your success in leadership, conscious communication, and influence during this highly interactive session.

  • whole body intelligence and the three centres of intelligence: intellectual (mind); emotional (heart & mind); somatic (body)
  • how body language supports your core message/non-verbal communication
  • how to develop skills of cooperation, trust, and social intelligence
  • how to stay grounded and centered in difficult situations and conversations

Carrie Gallant — Gallant Solutions Inc., Vancouver
Bettina Rothe — 5Rhythms & Embodied Leadership, Vancouver

Networking Break


Session A: Emotion in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

  • the importance of emotion in dispute resolution processes, and how it impacts the way we process and exchange information
  • while computers and the Internet become increasingly popular tools for dispute resolution, humans still experience emotions—what are the emotional capacities of ODR?
  • explore artificial intelligence systems as well as the fields of human-computer interaction and affective computing to suggest that ODR is capable of addressing emotion

Darin Thompson — Justice Services, Ministry of Justice, Victoria

Session B: Walkabout—New and Interesting Tools in the Toolbox

An opportunity to examine new products and ideas created by conflict resolution professionals

Gordon B. Sloan — ADR Education, Victoria

Wrap Up: Future Perspectives on the Practice—Panel Discussion

  • where is the profession going?
  • how much work is there?
  • are there areas we can expand into?
  • creative ways to use our skill sets

Facilitator: Cheryl L. Vickers — Chair, Property Assessment Appeal Board, Richmond

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Games Session/Wine & Cheese

Join us for an evening of collaborative games and fun! Games and support provided.