CLE-TV: Clients Who Are Influenced, Controlled or Abused

Course Date: June 17, 2015

Total: 1h 27min

Red Flags: Influence, Control, and Abuse

  • influence and control
    • when and how can influence be a problem?
    • the effect of a power imbalance
    • understand the risk factors; recognize the signs
    • is it just stress or a sign of trouble?
  • abuse
    • the FLA and beyond: why domestic abuse matters in client files
    • elder abuse and its effect on clients
    • domestic abuse and elder abuse: red flags

Practice Tips for Managing Clients

  • understanding underlying personality problems
  • clients in sensitive situations
  • communication techniques for managing difficult clients
  • recognizing and managing your own reactions

Practice Tips: Checklists and Office Procedures

  • create an office-wide, consistent approach
  • clarify expectations for your interactions with difficult clients
  • how to alert others handling the file
  • what about gut feelings and hunches?
  • checklists and intake questions