Damages in Personal Injury 2016

Course Date: February 3, 2016

Total: 5h 54min


Rose Keith — Rose Keith Law Corporation, Vancouver
Mark V.C. Virgin — Stevens Virgin, Vancouver

I. Non-Pecuniary Damages
The Law

  • explanation of the principles governing the determination of non-pecuniary damages
  • trilogy
  • Stapley
  • mitigation

Proving Non-Pecuniary Damages

  • use of clinical records
  • opinion evidence
  • lay witnesses
  • use of case law
  • plaintiff and XFD evidence

Karen E. Jamieson — Murray Jamieson, Vancouver
Krista L. Simon — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

II. Pecuniary Damages

The Law

  • principles of compensation
  • burden of proof

Proving Wage Loss

  • use of experts—what experts and how to use them
  • use of lay witnesses
  • documents and introduction of documents as evidence

Proving Special Damages

  • mitigation
  • use of documents
  • expert evidence
  • lay evidence
  • treating practitioner evidence

Aseem P.S. Dosanjh — Dosanjh Law Group, Vancouver
Perry A. Mazzone — Stevens Virgin, Vancouver
Christopher Doll, QC — North Shore Law LLP, Vancouver

Lunch with Featured Speaker

Art Vertlieb, QC — MacKenzie Fujisawa LLP, Vancouver

III. Future Damages

The Law

  • burden of proof
  • test for loss of earning capacity
  • test for future care

The Evidence

  • use of lay testimony
  • use of documents
  • use of statistical evidence
  • use of expert evidence—what type and how
  • how do you determine what you need and how do you get it

Julie K. Lamb — Guild Yule LLP, Vancouver
Paul D. Warnett — Warnett Hallen LLP, Vancouver
Danine T. Griffin — Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

IV. Pulling it all Together—Persuasion in Argument

  • how to put together a damages argument
  • elements of effective advocacy in closing arguments

Raj K. Dewar — Giusti Nairne, Burnaby
Dennis C. Quinlan, QC — QA Law, Vancouver

V. A View From the Bench: What’s Effective in Proving Damages and What’s Not

The Honourable Mr. Justice Kenneth N. Affleck — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Closing Remarks

Rose Keith — Rose Keith Law Corporation, Vancouver
Mark V.C. Virgin — Stevens Virgin, Vancouver