Creditors' Remedies 2016

Course Date: October 21, 2016

Total: 5h 42min

Welcome and Introduction

Bankruptcy Remedies

  • insolvency processes
  • fraud and other debts that survive bankruptcy
  • pros and cons of bankrupting a debtor
  • requirements for a bankruptcy application
  • powers of trustee
  • preference payments and transfers at undervalue
  • creditors’ power to pursue their own proceedings
  • recovery as condition of discharge

Katherine M. WellburnMurray Jamieson, Vancouver

Ethical Investigations and Execution

  • focusing the case on recovery
  • pre-litigation investigations to maximize recovery
  • how to obtain information
  • how far you can push — privacy, consumer protection, privilege
  • accessing credit bureau information
  • professional ethical obligations

    Kent D. WiebeWiebe Douvelos Wittmann LLP, Vancouver

    Suzan El-Khatib — Wiebe Douvelos Wittmann LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

  • what is a “foreign judgment”?
  • how is it enforced in British Columbia?
  • various defences to claims based on a foreign judgment
  • application of the Court Order Enforcement Act
  • developments in the enforcement of foreign non-monetary judgments

D. Ross McGowanBorden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Garnishing Orders: Ten Things to Consider

  • preconditions to getting a pre-judgement garnishing order
  • jurisdictional issues
  • tips on garnishing RRSPs
  • considering whether the garnishing order is "necessary"

Alexandra CocksMcCarthy Tetrault LLP, Vancouver

Statutory Enforcements

  • builders liens
    • overview of Builders Lien Act
      • remedies
        • liens against land and improvements
        • liens against holdback account
        • claims for breach of trust
      • strategies and pitfalls for claimants
        • time limits, CPLs, and starting your claim
      • strategies and pitfalls for landowners
        • forcing a claimant to get on with it
  • other liens
    • overview of the Forestry Service Providers Protection Act
      • registration of a lien under the PPSA
      • applying to court for a seizure
      • strategies for owners, contractors, and subcontractors
    • overview of the Woodworker Lien Act

David McKenzie — Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Priority Issues

  • priority issues involving CRA
  • requirements to pay
  • deemed trusts
  • tracing in fraud claims
  • trust property
  • statutory liens

Kimberley A. RobertsonLawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver

Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders

  • unique challenges of suing dishonest defendants
  • extraordinary remedies – injunctions, Mareva orders, and Anton Piller orders
  • model orders – how to use them and what they won’t do for you
  • enforcement issues
  • third party relief – case study: Equustek Solutions v. Google Inc.
  • ethical issues – duty of full disclosure – impact on non-parties

Robert Dawkins — Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP, Vancouver
Robbie FlemingRobert Fleming Lawyers, Vancouver


Process for Seizure and Sale

  • process involving the sheriff for seizures
  • practical tips for effective use of Court Bailiffs: the hidden value in seizures
  • Creditor Assistance Act – the often forgotten art of riding your friend’s coattails
  • running the gauntlet of the Securities Transfer Act, Business Corporations Act and Court Order Enforcement Act to seize shares in closely held companies
  • using waivers to circumvent the protection under s.89 of the Indian Act

Kent D. WiebeWiebe Douvelos Wittmann LLP, Vancouver

View from the Bench

The Honourable Edward C. Chiasson, QC — Borden Ladner Gervais, Vancouver

Questions and Discussion