Introducing Evidence at Trial 2017

Course Date: March 30, 2017

Total: 4h 49min

Welcome and Introduction


  • the categories of privilege
  • loss of privilege and limits on privilege
  • dealing with privilege claims at trial

The Honourable Madam Justice Victoria GraySupreme Court of BC, Vancouver
Michael P. Klein, QCMichael Klein Law Corporation, Vancouver
Stephen R. Schachter, QCNathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Direct and Cross Examination/Adverse and Hostile Witnesses

  • the rule against self serving statements
  • exceptions for introducing prior consistent statements at trial
  • the admissibility of prior inconsistent statements
  • the use of prior inconsistent statements at trial
  • managing the hostile witness

The Honourable Mr. Justice Terence SchultesSupreme Court of BC, Vancouver
Sandra A. Cunningham, QC Crown Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Vancouver
Craig A.B. Ferris, QC — Lawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch Break

The Rule Against Hearsay

  • the principled approach exceptions: necessity and reliability
  • do the traditional hearsay exceptions still matter?
  • threshold v. ultimate reliability: is corrobative evidence necessary?

Andi N. MackayWinteringham Mackay Law Corporation, Vancouver
Margaret A. MereighCrown Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Vancouver
William B. Smart, QCHunter Litigation Chambers Law Corporation, Vancouver

Networking Break

Introducing Real and Demonstrative Evidence

  • effective use of real evidence
  • admissibility and use of demonstrative evidence

The Honourable Madam Justice Gail M. DicksonBC Court of Appeal, Vancouver
D. Geoffrey Cowper, QC —Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Vancouver
Patti TomassonCrown Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Vancouver

Concluding Remarks