Personal Injury Conference 2017

Course Date: June 9, 2017

Total: 5h 15min

Welcome and Introduction

Case Law Update 

Karen E. Jamieson — Murray Jamieson, Vancouver
Alison L. Murray, QC — Murray Jamieson, Vancouver 

Networking Break

Nuts and Bolts of Legal Expense Insurance

  • implications for personal injury litigation
  • what is available for purchase in Canada
  • benefits of costs insurance for litigants and counsel
  • tips for defending claims where costs insurance has been purchased by the plaintiff

Kim Yee — Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver

Proving and Defending Liability in Bicycle Cases 

  • pedestrian v. bicycle, bicycle v. bicycle, bicycle v. car, and bicycle v. municipality/strata
  • plaintiff's perspective
  • defendant's perspective

David W. Hay, QC — Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver
Margot Liechti — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver

Under the Covers 

Coran Cooper-Stephenson — Lawyer's Insurance Fund, Law Society of BC, Vancouver
Maryanne Prohl — Lawyer's Insurance Fund, Law Society of BC, Vancouver

Networking Lunch 

How to Request a Medical Report That is Comprehensive and Admissible 

  • dealing with a general practitioner/family physician
  • dealing with a specialist
  • dealing with an IME
  • plaintiff v. defence considerations

Cameron B.P. Elder — Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver
Kevin J. McLaren — Hammerberg Lawyers, Vancouver

What a Therapist Can Bring to Your Case

  • the treatments: physiotherapy, massages, chiropractic
  • what a therapist's opinion can provide — and limitations
  • caveats and best practices around therapist opinions

E. Anthony Thomas — Simpson Thomas & Associates, Vancouver

Networking Break 

Use of Economist's Reports in In-trust and Loss of Housekeeping Capacity Claims 

  • the basis for a claim
  • components and contingencies for a claim
  • loss of housekeeping capacity v. cost of future care
  • inability to do household tasks
  • marshaling your expert opinion

Moderator: Jan L. Lindsay, QC — Lindsay LLP, Vancouver 
Curtis Peever — Economist, Associated Economic Consultants Ltd., Vancouver
Peter Sheldon — Economist, Associated Economi Consultants Ltd., Vancouver

Worker and Non-workers 

  • who is a worker? (legal framework)
  • why does it matter? (the effect of being a worker)
  • what can you do about it? (seeking and challenging determinations)

Julie Facchin — Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver

Closing Remarks