Canadian Elder Law Conference 2017 - Day 2

Course Date: November 3, 2017

Total: 6h 15min

Day 2: Friday, November 3

Welcome and Introduction 

Jan Goddard — Goddard Gamage LLP, Toronto
Hugh S. McLellan — McLellan Herbert, Vancouver
Geoff WWhite — Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation, Counsel, Clark Wilson LLP, Kelowna & Vancouver

Opening Address: Elder Law From The Bench — How To Help Your Judge Understand Your Case Law

The Honourable Adéle Kent — Executive Director, National Judicial Institute, Ottawa

Debate: Be It Resolved That Video Surveillance Should Be Permitted In Long-Term Care Facilities

Al Jina — President, Park Place Seniors Living, Vancouver

Graham Webb — Executive Director, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, Toronto                              


Clare Burns — WeirFoulds LLP, Toronto
Sara A. Levine, QC — Alliance Lex Law Corporation, Vancouver

Geoff W. White — Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation, Counsel, Clark Wilson LLP, Kelowna & Vancouver

Networking Break

Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) — Is True Advance Consent Possible? 

  • criteria for eligibility for MAID under the federal law
  • how the Lamb case relates to the issue of advanced consent to MAID
  • how the progression of dementia can make advance consent problematic
  • access to MAID and communication barriers for people living with dementia
  • whether excluding people with dementia from MAID raises discrimination issues
  • the vulnerability of people living with dementia to undue influence and abuse in relation to access to MAID

Jay Aubrey — Counsel (Litigation), BC Civil Liberties Association, Vancouver
Maria Howard — Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer Society of BC, Vancouver
Graham Webb — Executive Director, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, Toronto

Under The Covers 

  • claims and activities that the LSBC insurance program compulsory policy covers
  • risks the compulsory policy doesn’t cover, such as trust shortages caused by fraudsters and thieves
  • commercial liability insurance products that help protect you from those risks

Coran Cooper-Stephenson Claims Counsel, Lawyers Insurance Fund, Vancouver
Maryanne ProhlClaims Counsel, Lawyers Insurance Fund, Vancouver

Networking Lunch (Provided) With Keynote Speaker:
Cruise Ships and Lasers: Changing The Legal Landscape for Seniors

Jay Chalke, QC — Ombudsperson of British Columbia, Victoria

The Past, Present, and Future of the Common Law Test for Capacity to Marry

  • the modern concern regarding “predatory marriages”
  • the low (historical) bar for the mental capacity to marry
  • the current state of the law on when a marriage will be void for incapacity
  • the future direction of the legal test for marital capacity

Emily Clough — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver

Where Did The Elder's Money Go?: Financial Loss Avoidance and Recovery Options

  • identifying frauds and negligence — chance of recovery
  • types of financial losses in where the financial advice/negligence may lead to insufficient retirement funds
  • financial planning errors, “know your client” errors and suitability errors
  • POAs, trustees, and executors
  • loss recovery

Harold Geller — MBC Law Professional Corporation, Ottawa

Networking Break  

Making The Most Of Your Pension and Financial Decisions Along The Way

  • factors to consider when making pension decisions
  • estate considerations
  • your matrimonial obligations
  • life expectancy
  • risks and how to manage them
  • most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Colin Galinski — Galinski Pension and Benefits Law Corporation, Vancouver
Cathie Hurlburt, CFP, CLU, RFP, FMA, FDS —– Senior Financial Planner, Assante Financial Management, Vancouver 

Abuse, Safety, and Regulation: Protecting The Rights Of Older Adults Living In Retirement Homes and Assisted Living

  • comparison of the regulatory regimes in BC and Ontario
  • has the Ontario Retirement Homes Act been effective in reducing the risk of harm
  • lessons the Ontario experience holds for BC
  • how lawyers, families, and residents can enforce statutory rights
  • gaps in protection and enforcement

Heather Hogan — Counsel, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, Toronto
John Risk — Partner, WeirFoulds LLP, Toronto

Kevin Smith —Lawyer, Seniors First BC, Vancouver 

Closing remarks

Jan Goddard — Goddard Gamage LLP, Toronto
Hugh S. McLellan — McLellan Herbert, Vancouver
Geoff WWhite — Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation, Counsel, Clark Wilson LLP, Kelowna & Vancouver