The Client Voice 2017

Course Date: May 3, 2017

Total: 9h 46min

May 3 – Process Selection and Adaptation
This module will explore the variety of processes available for dispute resolution and their flexibility to support clients’ voice in varied circumstances.
INSTRUCTORS: Lainey Feingold, Wendy Lakusta, and Sharon Sutherland

May 10 – Ethics and The Client Voice
This module examines lawyers’ and mediators’ ethical obligations to support client self-determination in decision-making processes.  
PRESENTERS: Carrie Gallant and Sharon Sutherland

May 17 – Trauma-Informed Dispute Resolution Practice
In this module, learn to recognize signs of trauma and discuss strategies to ensure dispute resolution processes allow for clients who have experienced trauma are supported to participate effectively. 
PRESENTERS: Kat Bellamano and Sharon Sutherland 

May 24 – Supporting Client Capacity: Age, Mental Health, Addictions
In this session, experts in child development, dementia, and psychology will discuss party needs for support within different dispute resolution processes.
PRESENTERS: Don Desonier and Sharon Sutherland

May 31 – Culture and Voice
This session will examine a number of ways in which culture might impact client voice and participation, and will examine possibilities for culturally aware practice. 
PRESENTERS: Julie Daum, Sharon Sutherland and Sierra Wells

June 7 or June 8 – Practical Session
These sessions offer the opportunity to work in small, coached groups on both scenarios and role plays covering the full range of course topics. Choose to participate online (June 7) or in-person in Vancouver (June 8).