Western Canada Class Actions Conference 2018

Course Date: October 11, 2018

Total: 5h 25min

Welcome and Introduction 

Luciana P. Brasil — Branch MacMaster LLP, Vancouver

Cross Country Update—What is Happening Elsewhere?

  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • BC

Chelsea Hermanson — Branch MacMaster LLP, Vancouver 
Carsten Jensen, QCJSS Barristers, Calgary 
Jeremy Martin — Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, Toronto 
Amanda Quayle — McDougall Gauley LLP, Regina 

Government Involvement with Class Actions

  • past practices and why they are problematic
  • how to properly advance and settle claims for health care costs
  • form matters: securing the agreement of Provincial Health Insurers
  • help me help you: when and how to notify and involve the PGT

Philippa Estall — Public Guardian and Trustee, Vancouver
Nicola Hartigan
 — Klein Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Peter R. Lawless — Ministry of Attorney General, Legal Services Branch, Victoria


View from the Bench

  • the good, the bad and the ugly: what is working well? what are the warts? what can counsel do to assist the court and facilitate the process?

The Honourable Mr. Justice Ward K. Branch — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver
The Honourable Associate Chief Justice John D. Rooke — Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, Calgary

Amendments to Class Proceeding Act—National Classes in BC

On October 1, amendments to the Class Proceedings Act come into force to permit national opt-out classes in BC. This is a major change in the Canadian class action landscape. The panel will discuss the impacts on ongoing and future litigation, funding arrangements, and case management.

Mathew Good — Good Barrister, Mathew P Good Law Corporation Vancouver
Naomi J. Kovak — Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman LLP, Vancouver

Supreme Court of Canada: Class Actions Practice

  • it’s been 17 years from Hollick and it remains the law—is there any hope for leave to SCC on certification issues?
  • what issues have the SCC considered in class actions?
  • looking ahead: what class action issues are on the SCC’s horizon

Michael Sobkin — Barrister & Solicitor, Ottawa 

Networking Lunch (provided)

BC and Ontario—Ships Crossing? Exploring the Differences

  • umbrella purchasers claims
  • access to and use of US discovery and expert material
  • treatment of consultants’ fees

David G.A. Jones — Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman LLP, Vancouver
Robin Reinertson — Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Vancouver 

Settlement and Fee Approval—Trends and Development

  • measuring success—do prior settlements or offers matter? what about public liability admissions?
  • superfund settlements and fee approval—how much is too much?
  • what if the horse does not want to drink? fees on unclaimed amounts

Luciana P. Brasil — Branch MacMaster LLP, Vancouver
Brad Dixon — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver


Ethics in Class Actions

Your client died. Should you continue to take instructions? This is just an example of the complicated ethical issues that class counsel face in the life of a class action. Our panelists will discuss a number of those issues and will provide their views on how to avoid ethical landmines.

James M. Sullivan, QC — Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Vancouver
Jill S. Yates — McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Vancouver 

Microsoft Moot (in Reverse)

  • the long anticipated Microsoft trial did not conclude but during the life of the action counsel got to know each other so well they are now able to seamlessly step into each other’s shoes (or shorts)
  • Geoffrey Cowper and Reidar Mogerman show us what could have happened if only the trial had gone ahead to submissions and they had argued each other’s side

D. Geoffrey Cowper, QC — Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Vancouver
Reidar M. Mogerman
 — Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman LLP, Vancouver

Closing Remarks

Luciana P. Brasil — Branch MacMaster LLP, Vancouver