Intellectual Property for Litigators 2021

Course Date: November 9, 2021

Full Course Materials
Total: 5h 47min
Total Ethics: 1h

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:10)

Christopher S. WilsonNorton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, Vancouver

A Practical Guide to Patent Litigation (9:10 – 10:10)

  • patent strategies to support litigation 
  • pre-action steps to ensure the proceeding runs in a consistent and focused manner
  • procedural options available to:
    • increase the chances of success
    • prepare for trial 

R. Nelson GodfreyGowling WLG (Canada) LLP, Vancouver
Dana Turner-RyanOyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP, Vancouver

BREAK (10:10 – 10:20)

Tech Transfers and IP Licenses Gone Sideways—Pitfalls that Create Legal Risks (10:20 – 11:05)

  • minefields in acquiring and licensing IP assets
  • risks in IP representations and warranties and indemnification
  • security interest in IP assets and insolvency cases

Amy Fong — McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Vancouver
Vincent Kam Sun YipMcCarthy Tétrault LLP, Vancouver

BREAK (11:05 – 11:15)

Anti-counterfeiting and Border Enforcement (11:15 – 11:45)

  • civil and criminal anti-counterfeiting regimes
  • the 2014 Combatting Counterfeit Products Act
  • the effect of the USMCA on battling counterfeit products
  • the state of the jurisprudence

Karen Fiona MacDonaldNorton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP. Vancouver

BREAK (11:45 – 11:55)

Domain Name Arbitration (11:55 – 12:35)

  • the Vancouver International Arbitration Centre (VanIAC)'s role in administering Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) disputes
  • CIIDRC's role in administering ICANN/UDRP disputes regarding internet domain names
  • differences and similarities of the legal tests applied to such disputes

Jasmine DerDentons Canada LLP, Vancouver
Barry Penner, QCVancouver International Arbitration Centre, Vancouver
David Wotherspoon
Dentons Canada LLP, Vancouver

LUNCH BREAK (12:35 – 1:05)

Trade-marks (1:05 – 1:50)

  • introduction to the fundamentals of trade-mark law
  • trade-mark litigation: typical process and desired outcomes
  • lessons learned and practical considerations

Kwan LohSmart & Biggar, Vancouver

BREAK (1:50 – 2:00)

Copyright (2:00 – 2:40)

  • recent updates in copyright law
  • particularizing copyright claims
  • contrast with trade secrets: when does an idea become fixed?

Christopher S. WilsonNorton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, Vancouver

BREAK (2:40 – 2:50)

Trade Secrets (2:50 – 3:35)

  • the Flaming Moe Conundrum: inherent vulnerability of proprietary business information
  • Coke or just Clamato: how special is the secret?
  • weren't we just talking?: circumstances of confidence and confidentiality agreements
  • the gold in them hills or the gold from them hills: how to plead and pursue effective relief
  • when trial is too late: interim steps to identify and protect proprietary information 

Mark E. Fancourt-SmithLawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver

BREAK (3:35 – 3:45)

IP Litigation from an In-house Perspective (3:45 – 4:05)

  • instructions and scope
  • budgeting
  • efficiency
  • reporting

Victoria HeppellDirector, Intellectual Property, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, Mississauga

Closing Remarks (4:05 – 4:15)

Christopher S. WilsonNorton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, Vancouver