Planned Parenthood 2022: Assisted Human Reproduction and the Law

Course Date: October 27, 2022

Full Course Materials
Total: 6h 26min
Total Ethics: 1h 21min

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:15)

Nadia MyerthallProgram Lawyer, CLEBC, Vancouver
Elder Maria Reed Waabigekek Ikwe (Metis)

Lynda CasselsCassels Murray, Victoria
Catherine J. WongSaltwater Law, Vancouver

Keynote—All in the Family: Who Counts? (9:15 – 10:00)

barbara findlay, KCLaw Office of barbara findlay KC, Vancouver

BREAK (10:00 – 10:15)

Clinical Perspectives: The Medical Side of a Fertility File (10:15 – 11:10)

  • walkthrough of the clinical process and the medical experience of clients
  • advances in assisted reproductive technology
  • practical considerations for clients from the medical perspective

Dr. Beth Taylor, MD, FRCSCOlive Fertility Clinic, Vancouver

BREAK (11:10 – 11:25)

Concurrent Sessions (11:25 – 12:25)

SESSION A—Review of Relevant Assisted Reproductive Technology Legislation

  • parentage under the Family Law Act
  • review of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act and relevant regulations
  • birth registration process in BC

Jeannette AucoinClark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Christine MurrayCassels Murray, Victoria

SESSION B—Crossing Borders: What's Different About an International Fertility File

  • when surrogates, intended parents and/or donors are not in Canada
  • when are parentage declarations required
  • red flags and practice tips for handling cross-border files

Moderator: Michelle KinneyMichelle Kinney Law, Victoria
Elise Schopper-Brigel
West Coast Family Law, Victoria
Cindy R. WasserHope Springs Fertility Law, Toronto

LUNCH BREAK (12:25 – 1:05)

Advanced Issues in Fertility Law, and All the Questions You Never Thought Would be  Asked (1:05 – 2:45)

  • issues arising from the federal regulations
  • complex multi-parent scenarios
  • ethical issues arising from the practice of fertility law
  • opting in or opting out of parentage
    • parents that are not legal parents but want to be
    • families where one spouse does not want to be a parent
  • use of reproductive materials in the post-death context

Zara SulemanSuleman Family Law, North Vancouver
Jasmeet K. WahidKahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP, Richmond
Catherine J. WongSaltwater Law, Vancouver

BREAK (2:45 – 3:00)

Intersections—Estates and Family Law (Separation) (3:00 – 3:55)

  • ownership and use of stored reproductive material
  • addressing reproductive material in separation agreements
  • estate planning considerations
  • parentage and succession rights of posthumously conceived children

Lynda CasselsCassels Murray, Victoria
Monique ShebbeareMonique Shebbeare Law Co., Vancouver

Closing Remarks (3:55 – 4:00)

Lynda CasselsCassels Murray, Victoria
Catherine J. WongSaltwater Law, Vancouver