Interplay Between Aging, Death and Divorce 2017

Course Date: March 3, 2017

Total: 6h 10min

Welcome and Introduction

David C. Dundee — Paul & Company, Kamloops
Hugh S. McLellanMcLellan Herbert, Vancouver

Securing Income for Old Age: Pensions, Pension Division, and Annuities

  • update on pensions under the FLA
  • advice on issues involving older clients

    Colin Galinski Galinski Pension and Benefits Law Corporation, Vancouver

Networking Break

How Trusts are Used to Deal with Aging, Death, and Divorce

  • how are inter vivos trusts used in estate planning?
  • how are testamentary trusts used in estate planning?
  • how does the FLA deal with trusts?
  • tax implications of the FLA

    Emma J. Ferguson — DLA Piper (Canada) LLP, Vancouver
    Fiona Hunter — Horne Coupar, Victoria 

Identifying and Responding to Elder Abuse

  • financial exploitation
  • physical abuse
  • psychological abuse
  • neglect and self neglect
  • resources for practitioners

    Kevin Smith — Staff Lawyer, BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Planning for Children: Children's Property and Status

  • planning in pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement
  • appointing standby, temporary and testamentary guardians
  • default guardianship issues
  • conflicts with Master Joyce terms
  • planning in wills
  • planning in trusts
  • insurance – implications for making children beneficiaries
  • applying to be children’s property trustee
  • status of children and standing in some of these issues

    David C. Dundee — Paul & Company, Kamloops
    J. Cherisse Friesen Legal Counsel, Child and Youth Services, Public Guardian and Trustee of BC, Vancouver
    Andrea E. Frisby — Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver

Polyamorous Relationships and Family Law in British Columbia

  • the demographics and family characteristics
  • the problems of triads and tetrads in a world built for dyads
  • polyamorous families and the Family Law Act

    John-Paul E. Boyd Executive Director, Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family, Calgary

Good Intentions, Unintended Consequences: Whose Property is it Anyway?

  • intentions
    • assisting a family member
    • avoiding probate fees/”estate planning”
    • protecting family wealth or a vulnerable family member
  • death, divorce, estrangement: unintended consequences
    • no documents but it was “always understood that…”
    • incomplete, ambiguous, conflicting and ignored documents
    • Limitation Act and exceptions
  • final thoughts

    Jane A. G. Purdie, QC — Hambrook & Company, White Rock
    Vanessa J. D. Van Sickle — Barrister & Solicitor, Surrey

Networking Break

Tax Implications 

  • taxation of pension divisions on death or divorce
  • tax aspects of insurance planning in light of the 2016 changes
  • select tax issues of inter vivos trusts and testamentary trusts used in estate planning
  • tax implications of transfers to children not utilizing inter vivos trusts and testamentary trusts
  • tax planning opportunities on matrimonial and estate property divisions of corporate assets
    Kenneth R. Hauser — Kenneth R. Hauser Law Corporation, Kamloops 

FLA and WESA Primer

  • tips for working together
  • separation and unmarried spouses
  • FLA vs. WESA wills variation claims
  • estate issues for family law agreements

    John-Paul E. Boyd — Executive Director, Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family, Calgary
    Geoffrey W. White — Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation, Counsel, Clark Wilson LLP, Kelowna & Vancouver