Family Law Conference 2017

Course Date: July 6, 2017

Total: 10h 8min

Day 1

Welcome and Introduction

James A.W. Schuman, QCSchuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver
Jeffrey A. Rose, QCJeffrey A. Rose, QC, Vancouver
Nikki L. CharltonFarris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

Opening Comments

The Honourable Madam Justice Grace Choi — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver

The Revised User's Guide to the SSAG

  • the latest SSAG appeal decisions: BC and beyond the Rockies
  • location, location, location: using the SSAG ranges
  • how the Revised User’s Guide can help you
  • exceptions, exceptions, exceptions
  • post-separation income increases and reductions
  • re-partnering, self-sufficiency, retirement and other changes

Professor Rollie Thompson, QCSchulich School, of Law, Dalhousie University, Halifax

Networking Break

You Used the SSAG, You Got the Order, Now What?

  • review vs. variation
  • material change and termination
  • reinstating spousal support
  • how to breach an agreement
  • sunset/dusk clauses
  • lump sum and periodic payments — how to fix — reapportionment

Trudi Brown, QC — Brown Henderson Melbye, Victoria
Kay Melbye — Brown Henderson Melbye, Victoria

Networking Lunch (Provided)

How to Engage/Oversee Financial Experts

  • valuations (including historical)
  • joint reports – process for engagement and protocol
  • how to oppose; use of critiques; shadow experts
  • Guidelines Income reports (legal vs financial issues)

Paul R. Albi, QCDLA Piper (Canada) LLP, Vancouver
Kiu Ghanavizchian, CPA, CA, CBV, MBABlair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc., Vancouver


  • dealing with difficult parties and counsel
  • being a role model

 The Honourable Judge Edna M. Ritchie — Provincial Court of BC, Abbotsford
Dinyar Marzban, QC — Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

View from the Bench

  • tips on being a good counsel
  • new and old advocacy skills
  • evidence — the sufficiency and propriety of the affidavit material

The Honourable Madam Justice J. Miriam Gropper — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver
The Honourable I. Bruce Josephson —
Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of BC and Associate Counsel, Hira Rowan LLP, Vancouver

Day 2

Welcome and Introduction

James A. W. Schuman, QCSchuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver
Jeffrey A. Rose, QCJeffrey A. Rose, QC, Vancouver
Nikki L. CharltonFarris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

Interim Advances/Property/Excluded Property

  • s. 89 interim distributions
  • excluded property: where are we post V.J.F.?
  • trust and contingent matters – is timing everything?

Scott L. BoothJenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Vancouver
Anna LaingFarris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Child Support: Nuances, Tips (and Traps)

  • stepparents
  • death and taxes (well, child support)
  • retroactive reduction vs. cancellation or reduction of arrears
  • reviews of child support
  • incomes over $150,000: Is this a room without a roof?

Todd R. BellSchuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver
David C. DundeePaul & Company, Kamloops

Networking Lunch

Alienation and Estrangement Remedies

  • development of our understanding
  • legal and psychological interventions
  • intractable cases

Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D.Palo Alto, California

s. 211 — How to Prepare Your Client 

  • what you need to know:
    • purpose of the assessment
    • professional requirement/college guidelines
    • process and steps involved
    • content: generic vs. idiosyncratic (how psychologists differ)
  • what you need to say to your cilent: the dos
  • what you should not say to your client: the don'ts
  • danger zones to avoid

Nicole Aubé, PhD, RPsychVancouver
Matthew J. Sullivan, PhDPalo Alto, California

Networking Break

FLA Section 8 — All Roads Don't Lead to Trial 

  • sections 8 and 37—clients' duty to best interests of the child
  • consent dispute resolution—mediation, med/arb, arbitration, parenting coordination
  • non-trial court assistance—JCCs, JSCs, Summary Trial
  • best interest of the child cost/benefit analysis

Morag M.J. MacLeod, QCBarrister & Solicitor, Vancouver
Mary E. Mouat, QCLawyer & Mediator, Quadra Legal Centre, Victoria