Wills & Estates Fundamentals for LSS 2005

Course Date: February 17, 2005

  1. Self-analysis: what happens to my time?
  2. Understanding how to change—and doing it!
  3. Work on what counts rather than what comes up
  4. Become accountable for your time
  5. Delegate—you can do it!
  6. Plan your life
  7. Plan your work
  8. Stop having your work encroach on your personal time
  9. Work your plan: control interruptions
  10. Manage the phone
  11. Control addictive email behaviour
  12. Communicate proactively with clients and in the office
  13. Eliminate time waste in meetings
  14. Pause for perspective, creativity, and well-being
  15. Get and stay in control of your work
  16. Go home satisfied every day
  17. Get and stay organized
  18. Handle anxiety
  19. Handle incompletion: get things done
  20. Handle procrastination
  21. Foster better time management for the whole office
  22. Convert intentions into action