Civil Litigation Conference

Course Date: November 18, 2005

Over three days, this course will cover:

History of Collaborative Practice

Essentials of Collaborative Practice

Participation Agreements

Resolving Disputes Under the New Family Law Act

The Interdisciplinary Team—Who They Are and What They Do

IACP and the International Community

Professional Breakouts covering:

  • The first interview
  • Helping clients assess process choice
  • Assessing client needs—screening for collaborative process
  • Getting started
  • Preparing for the first four way
  • The first four way
  • Creating safety in the room

The Financial Neutral

The Child Specialist



Professional Responsibility

Working Together as a Team

  • Putting a team together
  • Team meetings

Communication Skills

  • Reframing
  • Listening for content

Building Skills—Opportunities To Try It Out

  • Working with clients
  • Working in the four way