Drafting 101: Employment Related Contracts 2016

Course Date: May 30, 2016

Total: 2h 41min

Welcome and Introduction

Employment Agreements

  • fixed term contracts
  • indefinite term contracts
  • best practices when providing clients with standard form agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

  • is he/she really a contractor or actually an employee?
  • what are the risks if you get it wrong?
  • how do you mitigate those risks within the agreement?

Networking Break

Drafting Specific Clauses

  • notice clauses
  • mitigation clauses
  • restrictive covenants
  • clauses to protect confidential information and intellectual property

Other Issues to Consider

  • how to avoid constructive dismissal claims when changing the terms of the contract or implementing a new contract during employment
  • how contracts interface with the Employment Standards Act and Workers Compensation Act
  • what belongs in the employment contract vs. workplace policies

Closing Questions and Comments