Residential Real Estate Conference 2016

Course Date: December 7, 2016

Total: 6h 18min

Welcome and Introduction

Residential Real Estate Tax Update

  • high level summary of the Property Transfer Tax Act provisions as implemented on February 2016 and post August 2, 2016
  • similarities and differences between the new Additional Transfer Tax and the Property Transfer Tax
  • important requirements of the Newly Built House Exemptions (code 49)
  • PTT returns an new citizenship requirements for taxpayers
  • specific issues that arise in representing purchasers
  • specific issues that arise in representing vendors
  • the CRA's focus on "house hoppers": the GST status of "lightly lived-in" homes
  • assignment of purchase contracts
  • other current issues

Noah Sarna — Thorsteinssons LLP, Vancouver
Raluca Dogaru — Policy and Legislative Analyst, Property Taxation Branch, Ministry of Finance, Victoria

Land Title Survey Authority: What They Want You to Know

  • practice tips and pet peeves:
    • what we want to see from you v. what you are sending us
  • quality verification:
    • pitfalls involved in trying up forms
    • your electronic signature — what exactly are you certifying?
    • what duty is owed to the registrar?

Lawrence S. Blaschuk — Registrar of Land Titles, New Westminster and Kamloops, Land Title & Survey Authority of B.C., New Westminster
Carlos R. MacDonald — Registrar of Land Titles, Victoria, Land Title & Survey Authority of B.C., Victoria 

Questions and Discussion


Mortgage and Lending Update

  • update on recent case law
  • collateral transactions
  • special mortgages
  • priority issues
  • issues to watch out for

Timothy J. Lack — Lunny Atmore LLP, Vancouver

Top Five Tips for Assisting in the Smooth Purchase of a Strata Lot

  • parking and storage lockers
  • Form F – what can be claimed, and how to deal with amounts improperly claimed;
  • Form B – undertakings to pay, duties of the lawyer, risks associated with existing Alteration and Indemnity Agreements
  • holdbacks for Special Levies – how to handle them
  • purchasers buying property from a strata corporation through a court ordered sale

    Jennifer L. Neville — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver

Questions and Discussion

Lunch with Featured Speaker: "Affordability in Vancouver: How We Got Here and Where We are Going"

Tsur Somerville, PhD — Senior Fellow, UBC Centre for Urban Economics & Real Estate, Sauder School of Business, UBC, Vancouver

Residential Tenancy

  • the key provisions of the Residential Tenancy Act, including how to end a residential tenancy
  • how a Residential Tenancy Branch hearing is conducted
  • judicial review of Residential Tenancy Branch decisions
  • practice management points

    David Moonje — Stewart, Aulinger & Company, Vancouver
    speaker tba

Foreclosures: An Overview

  • demand and notices
  • commencing proceedings
  • Order Nisi
  • redemption period/redemption of the mortgage
  • Order Absolute
  • Order for Conduct of Sale
  • purchase and sale of the mortgaged property
  • order approving sale

Scott H. Stephens — Owen Bird Law Corporation, Vancouver
Alan Frydenlund, QC — Owen Bird Law Corporation, Vancouver

Real Estate as a Regulated Activity

  • the changing regulatory landscape
  • how realtors can affect transactions
  • how to deal with circumstances where the realtor becomes a factor in the transaction

    Maureen E. Baird, QC — Lunny Atmore LLP, Vancouver

Questions and Discussion


Saving the Collapsing Deal (or at least not making it worse)

  • making the time-sensitive and important decisions necessary to preserve your client's rights
  • recognizing the options available to your client and keeping those options alive
  • avoiding an anticipatory breach
  • creating an evidentiary record to bolster your client's case
  • deciding whether to tender
  • dealing with other players (realtors, etc.) in the collapsing deal

Andrew P. Morrison — Shields Harney, Vancouver
Lisa Niro — Bell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries Public, Vancouver

The Bigger Deals: Moving Your Practice Toward Development

  • structures
  • acquiring the land — the purchase agreement
  • financing
  • the Real Estate Development Marketing Act

Kerry Austin — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Hot Topics Roundtable

Ron Usher — General Counsel, The Society of Notaries Public of BC, Vancouver
Emily Lewis — Director, Audit and Compliance, Property Taxation Branch, Ministry of Finance, Victoria
Timothy J. Lack — Lunny Atmore LLP, Vancouver
Jennifer L. Neville — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Raluca Dogaru — Policy and Legislative Analyst, Property Taxation Branch, Ministry of Finance, Victoria

Questions and Discussion