Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policies for Post-Secondary Institutions 2017

Course Date: June 7, 2017

Total: 5h 32min

Welcome and Introduction

Introduction to the Topic:

  • national media coverage
  • activism and public policy
  • legislative landscape in Canada

Li-Jeen Broshko — General Counsel, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

Legislation and Policy Approaches

  • BC’s Legislation:
    • overview
    • definitions
    • scope and jurisdiction
  • Institutional responses:
    • responses: accommodation and reporting
    • hearing vs investigation
    • adjudication and discipline
    • appeals

Don Barnhardt — General Counsel, University of Victoria, Victoria
Kimberley Beck — Legal Counsel, Office of the University Counsel, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Scott Blackford
Legal Counsel, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops
John Sparks — General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops

Sexual Violence on Campuses

  • overview of sexual violence on campuses
    • why post-secondary institutions are at the centre of this issue: consent/residences/international students
    • education, awareness, and resources: traditional programs and policy driven initiatives
    • accommodation
    • student conduct policies
    • campus security
    • coordination with police in investigations
  • what is trauma-informed, victim-centred practice

Tim Rahilly — Vice Provost, Students, and International, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby


Preparing Investigation Reports

  • key elements of the report
  • interviewing the complainant
  • reviewing the evidence/witnesses
  • putting the allegations to the respondent
  • responses
  • drafting the report (facts only or facts and recommendation)

Andrea F. Raso — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver

Questions and Discussion

Networking Lunch

Adjudication, Discipline, and Appeals

  • what processes will institutions need to have in place to adjudicate and discipline, if warranted, after receipt of an investigation report?
  • what are the various policy approaches to adjudication:
    • investigator or institution to determine breach?
    • who imposes discipline — administrator, president?
  • what appeal processes are provided for under the policies/collective agreements:
    • true appeals before university tribunals
    • arbitrations under collective agreements
  • availability of judicial review

Kimberly R. Hart —Gilligan-Hackett and Company, Vancouver

The Role of the Respondent's Counsel

  • gathering the facts
  • participation and cooperation
  • understanding the discipline process
  • appeals
  • other legal consequences
  • media considerations

J. Kenneth McEwan, QC — Hunter Litigation Chambers, Vancouver


Privacy Issues, Media, and Communications

  • striking a balance between transparency and privacy
  • relevant privacy principles
  • disclosing information during and after the investigation to:
    • complainants and respondents
    • witnesses
    • university community
    • media
    • law enforcement authorities
  • challenging issues
    • disclosing disciplinary measures
    • maintaining confidentiality of investigation
    • correcting misleading/inaccurate information

Susan Danard — Managing Director, Public Affairs, University of BC, Vancouver
Paul Hancock —
Legal Counsel, Information and Privacy, University of BC, Vancouver

Pitfalls and Hot Topics Plenary

  • pathway to adopting a policy:
    • legislation and government
    • stakeholder consultation
    • sector alignment
    • policy approaches
  • alternative pathways:
    • Human Rights tribunals
    • claims for damages
    • judicial review
  • social media pitfalls
  • false accusations 

Li-Jeen BroshkoGeneral Counsel, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Kimberley Beck - Legal Counsel, Office of the University Counsel, University of British Columbia
Susan Danard — Managing Director, Public Affairs, University of BC, Vancouver
Paul Hancock — Legal Counsel, Information and Privacy, University of BC, Vancouver
Kimberly R. Hart — Gilligan-Hackett and Company, Vancouver
J. Kenneth McEwan, QC — Hunter Litigation Chambers, Vancouver