Insurance Law Conference 2017

Course Date: October 27, 2017

Total: 4h 57min

Welcome and Introduction

Marine Insurance Law: A Primer for Insurance Lawyers 

  • the history and development of marine insurance
  • the statutory basis for marine insurance
  • jurisdictional issues
  • recent developments

W. Gary Wharton — Bernard LLP, Vancouver

Reservation of Rights 

  • the basics: why and how to issue a ROR and what needs to be included
  • potential problems with RORs and how to avoid them
  • Canadian case law on RORs

Gregory J. Tucker, QC — Owen Bird Law Corporation, Vancouver


Navigating a Minefield: Partial Settlements in Multi-Party Litigation 

  • what mechanisms are available for settling claims with some but not all of the parties?
  • what are the risks involved?
  • what must be disclosed to non-settling parties?
  • what must be disclosed to the court?
  • what happens at trial?

Gordon G. Hilliker, QC — Barrister and Solicitor, Belcarra 

Mental Injury after Saadati v. Moorhead 

  • the case from trial to the SCC
  • the SCC reasons
  • the application of Saadati — how much has changed?

Kathleen S. Duffield — Senior Legal Counsel, Intact Insurance Company, Vancouver


Insurance Coverage Twists and Turns in the Wild, Wild Internet of Things 

  • do you know what is known about you?
  • who owns the data that is kept about and what uses can be made of it?
  • what legal recourse exists for misuse of your data?
  • insurance coverage existence and ramifications

Heather Sanderson — Sanderson Law, Calgary 

The New Frontier: Cyber Liability 

  • why anyone who stores data electronically or has an electronic connection tot he outside world needs it
  • first party coverage
  • cyber liability coverage

Julie K. Lamb — Guild Yule LLP, Vancouver


Summary Trials in Insurance Cases: Insights, Observations, and Practical Tips from the Bench 

Get the inside scoop on:

  • how scheduling works and how judges are assigned to cases
  • framing persuasive evidence and submissions
  • do's and don'ts: a "consumer's" perspective

Including time to "ask anything you want" about judges and judging.

The Honourable Mr. Justice Nigel P. Kent — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Panel on the New Frontier of Cyber Insurance

The Honourable Mr. Justice Nigel P. Kent — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver
Julie K. Lamb — Guild Yule LLP, Vancouver
Heather Sanderson — Sanderson Law, Calgary 

Concluding Remarks