Personal Injury for Junior Lawyers, Paralegals and Legal Support Staff 2018

Course Date: June 14, 2018

Total: 5h 1min

Welcome and Introduction 

File Management 

  • opening the file
  • organizing the file
  • managing the file

Venita Singh — Paralegal, Murphy Battista LLP, Vancouver 

Document Production and Discovery 

  • listing documents
  • identifying and noting privileged documents
  • the test for production: no more Peruvian Guano
  • document management best practices

Nicole M. Kelly — Slater Vecchio LLP, Vancouver

Medical Records 

  • obtaining medical records and what to ask for
  • how to organize medical records
  • what to look for in medical records
  • common medical symbols, abbreviations, and terminology

Manjit K. Grewal — Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver 


ICBC 101

  • the view from ICBC
  • recent changes at ICBC
  • what lawyers and paralegals need to know

Liam Miller — Busines Process Advisor, Insurance Corporation of BC, North Vancouver

Part 7 Benefits 

  • what part Part 7s?
  • practice pointers and pitfalls

Matthew Hinton — Legal Counsel, Insurance Corporation of BC, Vancouver

Updated Advice Re. PGT Infant Settlement Submissions—The Road to Prompt Approvals

  • jurisdiction and duty to disclose
  • available resources for guidance of submitting counsel
  • top submission defects/errors causing delay in approval or comments

Bill Sokoloff — Public Guardian and Trustee of BC, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Fast Track Litigation 

  • the ins and outs of fast-track
  • criteria for fast-track actions
  • effective preparation of court documents

Brandon Souza — Murphy Battista LLP, Vancouver

Chambers Practice 

  • the types of applications heard in Chambers
  • setting up your file
  • dealing with lay litigants—best practices
  • the Chambers rules
  • Judge or Master?
  • drafting chambers documents 

Kevin Yee — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver 


The Bill of Costs: Registrar's View 

  • tips on preparing a bill of costs
  • the Tariff
  • disbursements and their test
  • common errors and pitfalls to avoid

District Registrar Scott A. Nielsen — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver 

Practice Panel: Technology Utilization Tips 

  • start with your file process
  • identify what you need
  • woring with technology tools

Dave O'Neill — Spraggs & Company, Port Coquitlam 

Closing Remarks