Residential Real Estate Conference 2019

Course Date: December 5, 2019

Full Course Materials
Total: 5h 56min
Total Ethics: 1h 26min

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement

Modernizing Filing Practices at the LTSA

For over a decade the LTSA has provided online service for submitting land title applications. Web filing is the first of several steps the LTSA is taking to modernize electronic filing, increase efficiency and accuracy, and maintain a secure and reliable electronic filing system. The first release is expected to be available in January 2020.

  • web filing and its benefits
  • system demonstration of web filing
  • preparing for the transition from EFS
  • amendments to Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act, in effect November 15, 2019
  • possibilities for filing in future

Steve CarterManager, Customer Support, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, New Westminster
Carlos R. MacDonald
— Director of Land Titles, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, Victoria

Introducing the Land Owner Transparency Registry

In its 2018 budget, the Province introduced a 30-point plan to improve housing affordability in BC. A key pillar of this plan involves taking action to end hidden ownership in BC to ensure homes are used for people, not speculative investment or crime. The LTSA was appointed to build a publicly-accessible registry of beneficial interests in land, expected to be operational in 2020.

  • overview of the Land Owner Transparency Act, including filing requirements and the information collected about interest holders
  • encoding legislation into a registry
  • progress of stakeholder consultations

Rueben Danakody — Director, Land Owner Transparency Registry Services, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, Vancouver

Tax Issues Update

  • deep dive issues

Zheting Su Thorsteinssons LLP, Vancouver


Deal or Collapsing Deal? (Part One)

Andrew P. Morrison  Shields Harney, Vancouver

Strata Property Update

  • the 10 most relevant decisions in the Civil Resolution Tribunal

Jennifer L. NevilleHamilton & Company, Vancouver

Expanding Your Practice: Development Deals

  • key considerations
  • the development process
  • disclosure statements and REDMA

Sunjeet GrewalBennett Jones LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch with Featured Speaker:
"Economic and Housing Outlook"

Helmut Pastrick Chief Economist, Central 1 Credit Union, Vancouver

Five Most Pressing Litigation Issues for Solicitors

Repudiation of Contract

  • what factual situations create a repudiation of contract?
  • misrepresentations and defects

Damage to Property Prior to Completion Date

  • what happens if a flood or fire damages a portion of the property prior to the completion date?

Quantifying Damages

  • liquidated damages clauses, when are they enforceable?
  • the "domino effect" of damages for the chain transactions
  • remedies in a falling market
  • damages for not removing subjects in good faith


  • when is a contract frustrated?
  • what is the test for frustration?

Positive Covenants

  • enforceability of positive covenants

Andrew P. Morrison Shields Harney, Vancouver
Lisa Niro
Bell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries Public, Vancouver


  • recent case law
  • best practice points
  • things to watch for
  • nuances between private and institutional lending

Timothy J. Lack Bridgehouse Law LLP, Vancouver


Deal or Collapsing Deal? (Part Two)

Andrew P. Morrison  Shields Harney, Vancouver

Foreclosures: Key Practice Points for the Solicitor

  • foreclosures 101
  • advising bidders in the court-ordered sale process
  • acting for a successful purchaser—closing the court-ordered sale
  • advising mortgagors, lenders, and other stakeholders in the foreclosure process

Jennifer L. CockbillFulton & Company LLP, Vancouver

Managing Client Expectations

  • discussing Saloman v. Matte-Thompson, Supreme Court of Canada case
  • duty of a solicitor: what does inform, explain, advise mean?

Ron Usher The Society of Notaries Public of BC, Vancouver

Hot Topics Roundtable

  • conflicts of interest
  • trust accounting issues
  • repudiation
  • POA valid in other jurisdiction, not valid for LTO purposes
  • REDMA—disclosure statements

Timothy J. LackBridgehouse Law LLP, Vancouver
Lisa NiroBell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries Public, Vancouver
Ron UsherThe Society of Notaries Public of BC, Vancouver
Andrew P. MorrisonShields Harney, Vancouver
Jennifer L. CockbillFulton & Company LLP, Vancouver

Closing Remarks