Immigration Issues in Depth 2021

Course Date: December 3, 2021

Full Course Materials
Total: 5h 2min
Total Ethics: 1h 10min

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:10)

Erica OlmsteadEdelmann & Co. Law Offices, Vancouver

Jurisprudence Update: Administrative and Immigration Law (9:10 – 11:10)

  • review of key Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada immigration, refugee and citizenship decisions in 2021
  • discussion of recent developments in other areas of the law that may impact immigration, refugee, and citizenship law practice
  • trends, highlights, and lowlights in recent jurisprudence, and what is expected in 2022

Meera BennettLegal Counsel, Ministry of Attorney General, Legal Services Branch, Vancouver
Darren McLeodLegal Counsel, IRB, Vancouver
Steven Meurrens  Larlee Rosenberg, Vancouver
Banafsheh SokhansanjDepartment of Justice Canada, Vancouver

BREAK (11:10 – 11:25)

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (11:25 – 12:40)

  • updates from the IRB

Jody BrennanAssistant Deputy Chairperson, Refugee Appeal Division, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver
Karin MichnickAssistant Deputy Chairperson, Refugee Protection Division, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver
Alice TangAssistant Deputy Chairperson, Immigration Division, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver
Linda TaylorAssistant Deputy Chairperson, Immigration Appeal Division, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver

LUNCH BREAK (12:40 – 1:20)

Federal Court Update (1:20 – 2:05)

  • informal requests
  • anonymity requests
  • Federal Court settlement pilot project on immigration files

Julie GordonSenior Registry Officer, Special Projects (Regional Training), Federal Court Registry, Vancouver

BREAK (2:05 – 2:20)

Representative Group Proceedings in the Immigraton Judicial Review Process (2:20 – 3:25)

  • identifying cases for group litigation: remedies available, what works, what doesn't, and whether that matters
  • managing clients: communications, expectations, instructions
  • structuring group litigation: class proceedings, case management, lead cases
  • cases of note
  • lessons learned and practice ethics

Erin C. RothEdelmann & Co. Law Offices, Vancouver
David TyndaleDepartment of Justice Canada, Ontario Regional Office, Toronto

Closing Remarks (3:25 – 3:30)

Erica OlmsteadEdelmann & Co. Law Offices, Vancouver