Unbundled Legal Services and Limited Retainers 2021

Course Date: November 3, 2021

Full Course Materials
Total: 3h 13min
Total Ethics: 3h

Introduction and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:15)

Zahra JenabJenab & Company, West Vancouver

    • Intro to ULS, legal coaching, definitions

Legal Coaching: Who it is For and How to Incorporate it into Your Practice (9:15 – 10:25)

  • how to screen clients
  • how to market legal coaching services

Marcus Sixta Crossroads Law, Vancouver
Ashley Syer Ashley Syer Law Corporation, Vancouver

BREAK (10:25 – 10:35)

Leveraging Unbundled Legal Services with Technology (10:35 – 11:15)

  • how to shift your practice to provide unbundled legal services
  • how to use technology to your advantage

Sonali Sharma Athena Law, Vancouver

BREAK (11:15 – 11:25)

Data Driven ULS with AvvyPro (11:25 – 11:55)

  • what are the most important elements of the ULS client experience to measure?
  • how can the information be collected and used most effectively?

Matt Sims Founder, AvvyPro, Vancouver

BREAK (11:55 – 12:05)

Best Practices for Unbundled Legal Services (12:05 – 12:40)

  • BC Code of Professional Conduct Rules to be aware of when providing unbundled legal services
  • how to avoid issues with clients, other lawyers, and the courts 

Doug Munro Law Society of BC, Vancouver

Closing Remarks (12:40 – 12:45)

Zahra JenabJenab & Company, West Vancouver