Immigration Issues in Depth 2023

Course Date: December 1, 2023

Full Course Materials
Total: 5h 24min
Total Ethics: 1h 30min
Course Introduction and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:10)
Brett J. NashDepartment of Justice Canada, Vancouver
Deanna L. Okun-NachoffMcCrea Immigration Law LLP, Vancouver
Jurisprudence Update: Administrative and Immigration Law (9:10 – 10:40)
  • review of key Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada immigration, refugee and citizenship decisions in 2023
  • discussion of recent developments in other areas of the law that may impact immigration, refugee, and citizenship law practice
  • trends, highlights, and lowlights in recent jurisprudence, and what is expected in 2024
Hassan M. AhmadAssistant Professor, Peter A. Allard School of Law, UBC, Vancouver
Erica L.C. LouieDepartment of Justice Canada, Vancouver
Johanna RussellLegal Counsel, IRB, Vancouver
William TaoHeron Law Offices, Vancouver
BREAK (10:40 – 10:55)
The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (10:55 – 11:55)
  • updates from the IRB
Preeti AdhopiaActing Assistant Deputy Chairperson, Refugee Protection Division, Western Region, IRB, Calgary
Jody BrennanAssistant Deputy Chairperson, Refugee Appeal Division, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver
Alice TangAssistant Deputy Chairperson, Immigration Division, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver
Daniel TucciImmigration Appeal Division Member, Western Region, IRB, Vancouver
NETWORKING LUNCH (provided to in-person registrants) (11:55 – 12:55)
Practice Before the Immigration and Refugee Board (12:55 – 1:50)
  • witnesses
  • disclosure
  • which Division are you appearing before and why does this matter?
Becky Chan — Legal Counsel, IRB, Vancouver
Ryan FriesenHearings Officer, CBSA, Vancouver
Gordon MaynardMKS Immigration Lawyers, Vancouver
Capacity (1:50 – 2:45)
  • an ethics/practice management panel focused on legal capacity issues in the immigration context, such as:
    • how to identify potential capacity issues in your practice
    • tips on what to do if you are concerned that your client may not be able to appreciate the nature of the proceedings
    • Chairperson Guideline 8, and tips on when (and how) to call in a Designated Representative
    • special capacity considerations in representing minors before the IRB
  • building a referral list for clients with unique issues impacting their legal capacity (e.g., trauma, substance addiction, etc.)
Juliana DalleyStaff Lawyer and Clinic Lead, Immigration & Refugee Legal Clinic, Vancouver
Sharalyn JordanAssociate Professor, Counselling Psychology and Equity Studies in Education, SFU, Burnaby
Marvin L. KlassenBarrister & Solicitor, Port Coquitlam
BREAK (2:45 – 3:00)
Inadmissibility (3:00 – 3:55)
  • the mechanics of an inadmissibility finding
    • CBSA s. 44(1) report
    • MD determination
    • ID hearing
  • trending inadmissibility issues
    • Obazughanmwen, 2023 FCA 151 and the inadmissibility process
    • impact of Mason, 2023 SCC 21 on complex inadmissibility determinations
    • other trending issues
Edward Burnet — Department of Justice Canada, Vancouver
Molly JoeckEdelmann & Co. Law Offices, Vancouver
Closing Remarks (3:55 – 4:00)
Brett J. NashDepartment of Justice Canada, Vancouver
Deanna L. Okun-NachoffMcCrea Immigration Law LLP, Vancouver