Personal Injury for Jr. Lawyers and Paralegals 2017

Course Date: June 8, 2017

Total: 6h 7min

Welcome and Introduction

Catastrophic Injury — Brennan's Story 

  • the story from the mother of Brennan Pinette

Kimberlea Pinette

Understanding Paediatric Injury 

  • prosecuting and proving paediatric brain injury

John M. Rice — Jarvis McGee Rice, Vancouver

Understanding the Theory of the Case 

  • understand the facts, the legal issues, and your client

Art Vertlieb, QC — MacKenzie Fujisawa, Vancouver

Helpful Tips on Research and Quantification 

  • legal research and quantification tips

Marco von AntalStewart & Company, Vancouver

Networking Break

Defences that Impact an Award of Damages 

  • contributory negligence
  • other defences in negligence
  • the mitigation defence

Shelly L. Avram — RDM Lawyers LLP, Abbotsford

The Principles of Causation 

  • the "but for" test
  • the material contribution test
  • consideration of pre-existing injuries

Keri T. Grenier — Murphy Battista LLP, Kelowna 

Non-Pecuniary Damages 

  • the cap on non-pecuniary damages in Canada
  • functional approach to general damages
  • relevant case laws

William S. Dick — Murphy Battista LLP, Kelowna 

Hiding in Plain Sight: On Identifying and Providing Psychological and Psychiatric Trauma

  • the impact of chronic pain & pre-existing psychological injuries
  • conversion disorder, somatic symptom disorder, and adjustment disorder

Peter Buxton, QC — Panorama Legal, Surrey 

Networking Lunch

Pecuniary Damages 

  • past loss of income
  • assessing cost of future care

Britni M. Troy — Watson Goepel LLP, Vancouver 

Loss of Housekeeping Capacity and In-Trust Claims 

  • claims for loss of housekeeping
  • in-trust claims

Julie Fredette — Designated Paralegal, RDM Lawyers LLP, Abbotsford
MaryAnn Reinhardt — Case Manager, Designated Paralegal, RDM Lawyers LLP, Abbotsford

Functional Capacity Evaluations 

  • the process of evaluating functional capacity
  • medical evidence required for review
  • preparing your client for the assessment

Grace Fong — JR Rehab Services Inc., Vancouver

Networking Break

Vocational Consulting 

  • the process of a vocational assessment
  • medical evidence required for review
  • preparing your client for the assessments

Dr. Dean Powers — Vocational Solutions Inc., Vancouver

Cost of Future Care 

  • understanding the cost of future care 

Janice Landy — Landy Rehabilitation Consulting, Vancouver

Past and Future Income Loss 

  • calculation of past and future wage loss
  • quantification of cost of future care
  • tax gross up awards, management fees

Christiane Clark — Associated Economic Consultants, Vancouver

Workshop: Analysis and Quantification of a Claim 

  • review of a fact pattern
  • identfication of issues
  • analysis and heads of damage
  • building the elements of a claim

Priscilla Cicek — Legal Assessment Specialist, Paralegal, BridgePoint Financial Services, Toronto
MaryAnn Reinhardt — Case Manager, Designated Paralegal, RDM Lawyers LLP, Abbotsford

Closing Remarks