PPSA 2015

Course Date: February 26, 2015

Total: 4h 45min

Welcome and Introduction

Mark R. Davies — Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver

Negotiating Security Agreements

  • what provisions are essential
  • what provisions are useful
  • customizing the agreement
  • secured party’s and debtor’s perspective

Martha A. Martindale — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Enforcement of PPSA Security Agreements

  • matching your remedy to the collateral
  • proper notice procedures
  • debtor rights
  • applying to court
  • other practical tips for enforcement of PPSA security

Digby R. Leigh — Digby Leigh & Company, North Vancouver

Networking Break

Subordination Agreements

  • the need for priority agreements
  • priority vs. standstill
  • dealing with banks
  • forms of agreements
  • registration points

Sam de Groot — Burns, Fitzpatrick, Rogers, Schwartz & Turner LLP, Vancouver

Investment Property

  • refresher on the Securities Transfer Act amendments to the PPSA
  • the first 7 years
  • opinion practice

Donald G. Bird — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Intellectual Property Security

  • types of intellectual property
  • "perfection" procedures
  • role of provincial law and federal law
  • IP specific issues on priority and enforcement

Vincent Kam Sun Yip — McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Vancouver

Special Financings: Aircraft, Ships, and Real Property

A. Vessel Financing

  • registered vessels
  • recorded vessels
  • ships registry
  • role of the PPSA

Catherine Hofmann — Bernard LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

B. Mixed Real and Personal Property Security Issues

  • various types of collateral
  • registrations
    • site specific collateral descriptions
    • conflicts of laws rules
      • registrations in other jurisdictions where debtors located
    • floating charges on land
      • before crystallization
      • after crystallization
    • fixtures notices
  • conflicts between PPSA security interests and interests in land
    • s. 36 of the PPSA
  • enforcement options
    • s. 55(6) of the PPSA

John D. Morrison — McMillan LLP, Vancouver

C. Aircraft Financings

  • explanation of the Capetown Convention
  • transitional issues
  • local vs. international financings
  • searches/due diligence
  • registrations/perfection

Edward J.T. Wang — Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver

Case Law Update

  • recent case law
  • trends
  • impact and analysis

Mark R. Davies — Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver

Closing Questions and Comments