Immunizing your Immigration Practice from COVID-19

Course Date: May 12, 2020

Full Course Materials
Total: 1h 30min
Total Ethics: 15min

Using Social Distancing Measures & Technology to Adapt

  • a tale of two firms transitioning to working from home
  • social distancing while providing an essential service
  • investing in technology to run your practice remotely
  • videoconferencing
  • Cloud computing
  • VoIP vs. mobile
  • team management and communication software

Maintaining Your Professional Obligations

  • client identification and verification
  • remote commissioning of oaths
  • confidentiality and privilege
  • staying up to date on the law and policywhere to find information

Building Firm Resilience

  • taking advantage of excess capacity to improve systems
  • adapting to new circumstanceslessons learned
  • finding new work in times of scarcity

Building Personal Resilience

  • taking care of yourself, your staff, and your clients