Subdivision Regulation and Discretion 2022

Course Date: May 26, 2022

Full Course Materials
Total: 5h 26min

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement (9:00 – 9:10)

Pamela J. JefcoatCivic Legal LLP, Vancouver

The Subdivision Application Process, Statutory Considerations and the Broad Powers of the Approving Officer (9:10 – 10:05)

  • the role of the approving officer
  • the subdivision application process, including general subdivision requirements under the Land Title Act
  • the preliminary review process and issuance of Preliminary Layout Approvals
  • matters considered by the approving officer on application for approval and statutory grounds for refusing to approve a subdivision plan 
  • the exercise of discretion by the approving officer
  • rural subdivision approvals

Michael QuattrocchiYoung Anderson, Vancouver

BREAK (10:05 – 10:20)

Subdivision Servicing (10:20 – 11:15)

  • subdivision servicing bylaws
  • scope of authority to set servicing standards
  • works and services agreements
  • off-site services and latecomer agreements

Ryan BortolinStewart McDannold Stuart, Victoria

Subdivision Issues for Developers (11:15 – 12:10)

  • subdivision plansLand Title Office requirements
  • easements, statutory rights of way, and covenants
  • public dedicationsconsiderations from a developer's perspective  

Elizabeth YipTerra Law, Vancouver

LUNCH (12:10 – 1:10)

Development Cost Charges (1:10 – 2:05)

  • what are DCCs
  • how are DCCs created?
  • when are DCCs payable?
  • exemptions from DCCs
  • waivers or reductions in DCCs
  • use of DCCs
  • case law update

Pamela J. JefcoatCivic Legal LLP, Vancouver

BREAK (2:05 – 2:20)

Subdivision Regulation Under the Strata Property Act (2:20 – 3:15)

  • bare land stratas, phased stratas, and strata conversions
  • the roles of the approving officer and the approving authority
  • what is the scope of discretion in the strata context?
  • what does the approving officer or authority look for?
  • unusual issues faced by approving officers and approving authorities

Guy PattersonYoung Anderson, Vancouver

Hot Topics in Subdivision Regulation (3:15 – 4:10)

  • subdivision of hazardous lands
  • subdivision of riparian lands
  • subdivision of contaminated lands
  • subdivision in the context of First Nation reconciliation agreements

Olga RivkinLidstone & Company, Vancouver

Closing Remarks (4:10 – 4:15)

Pamela J. JefcoatCivic Legal LLP, Vancouver