Family Law Basics 2017

Course Date: April 6, 2017

Total: 11h 33min

Day 1: Thursday April 6, 2017

Welcome and Introduction

Todd R. Bell  Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver

The Changes and Challenges in Family Law

  • technology 
  • ADR
  • self representation
  • experts

Karen F. Nordlinger, QCAaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger LLP, Vancouver

Understanding and Dealing with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Separation

  • the good: the healthy healing process
  • the bad: when the separation hinders the children
  • the ugly: when the separation harms the children and complicates the legal process

Nicole Aubé, Phd, RPsych — Vancouver

Neworking Break

Managing Your Clients: Intake and Communication

  • assessing clients’ emotional states
  • screening clients and knowing when to run screaming
  • retainers and retainer letters
  • managing expectations
  • responsibilities for screening for family violence
  • top 10 red flags 

Nicola D. Allen — Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver
Kathryn L. Basran — Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver 

Parenting Coordination, the Program and the Role of Counsel

  • the program in brief
  • the PC agreement/court ordered appointments
  • role of counsel
  • enforcement

R. Craig NevilleWatson Goepel LLP, Vancouver
Leanne Harder, MSW, RSWOlive Branch Consulting, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Taking Action

  • assessing options
  • negotiation and mediation
  • collaborative law
  • commencing proceedings

Phyllis M. Kenney, QC Family Lawyer, Vancouver
Jeremy S. Sheppard Hayward Sheppard, Vancouver

Making the Most of Client Meetings

  • become the prudent skeptic
  • assessing goals versus options and range of likely outcomes
  • realism and reality testing
  • legal opinions

Kevin J. HeinrichsHenderson Heinrichs LLP, Vancouver

Networking Break

Disclosure and Discovery 

  • disclosure triggers and ongoing disclosure obligations
  • client understanding and awareness
  • Family Law Rules
    • lists of documents
    • examinations for discovery
    • interrogatories

Annie C. Kaderly — Aaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger LLP, Vancouver
Eli C. Walker — Aaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger LLP, Vancouver

Judicial Case Conferences

  • preparing yourself and your client
  • document preparation
  • Family Law Rules
    • the scope of JCCs
    • disclosure obligations
  • effective use of JCCs 

Meghan J. Selinger — Hamilton Fabbro, Vancouver 

Day 2: Friday April 7

Welcome and Introduction

Todd R. Bell — Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver

Chambers Practice: How to Avoid Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

  • read the Chambers Rule
  • preparing the notice of application
  • affidavits – what to avoid
  • without notice orders – short leave and restraining orders
  • submissions – presentation and content
  • jurisdiction

Master Robert W. McDiarmidSupreme Court of BC, Kamloops


  • types of experts:  section 202 and 211 reports, joint, party’s own, courts’ own, rebuttal
  • contents of experts’ reports

Anne Demeulemeester Aaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger LLP, Vancouver   
Todd R. Bell — Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin, Vancouver

Networking Break

Justifying Your Calculations: Spousal Support and Child Support Guidelines Cases

  • income calculation for the Advisory Guidelines
  • income calculation for the Child Support Guidelines
  • understanding the software
  • understanding your results

Scott L. Booth Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Vancouver  

Managing Your Clients: Dealing with the Law Society and Errors in Family Practice

  • tips to avoid complaints
  • civility
  • responding to the Professional Conduct Department at the Law Society
  • tips to prevent allegations of negligence
  • when and how to report to the Lawyers Insurance Fund

Carolyn R. Anderson — Law Society of BC, Vancouver
Megan Swail Lawyers Insurance Fund, Law Society of BC, Vancouver

Networking Lunch

Trial and Mediation Preparation

  • mediation briefs
  • judicial case conference briefs
  • client preparation
  • organizing documents
  • witnesses
  • experts
  • trial management conferences
  • opening and closing arguments

Mark R. Slay — North Shore Law LLP, North Vancouver 

Networking Break

Section 8 - From Process to Resolution

  • choosing the process: negotiation, collaboration, mediation, med/arbitration and litigation
  • confirming settlement: drafting effective separation agreements, minutes of settlement and consent orders
  • capacity and process breakdown

Mary E. Mouat, QC — Lawyer & Mediator, Quadra Legal Centre, Victoria

Conducting Effective Hearings Before the Registrar

  • avoiding assessmentsin
  • inquiries, assessments and accounts process and procedure
  • settling orders

Registrar Stuart Cameron — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver